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Tolt River Bridge


Photo taken by Lightning Jeff

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)

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BH Photo #242237


Street Views 


Through truss bridge over Tolt River on WA 203 in Carnation
Carnation, King County, Washington
Open to traffic
Built 1977
Warren through truss
Length of largest span: 160.1 ft.
Total length: 268.1 ft.
Deck width: 32.2 ft.
Vertical clearance above deck: 17.0 ft.
Approximate latitude, longitude
+47.63722, -121.91611   (decimal degrees)
47°38'14" N, 121°54'58" W   (degrees°minutes'seconds")
Approximate UTM coordinates
10/581418/5276549 (zone/easting/northing)
Quadrangle map:
Average daily traffic (as of 2016)
Inventory number
BH 34336 (Bridgehunter.com ID)
Inspection report (as of October 2018)
Overall condition: Fair
Superstructure condition rating: Satisfactory (6 out of 9)
Substructure condition rating: Good (7 out of 9)
Deck condition rating: Satisfactory (6 out of 9)
Sufficiency rating: 77.6 (out of 100)
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Update Log 

  • April 14, 2017: New photos from Mike Garland
  • September 18, 2016: New Street View added by Dana and Kay Klein
  • November 1, 2012: Photo imported by Luke Harden
  • January 6, 2011: New Street View added by Sheldon Wiens


  • K. A. Erickson
  • Sheldon Wiens
  • Dana and Kay Klein
  • Mike Garland - Rapier342 [at] comcast [dot] net


Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 10, 2011, by Robert Elder (robertelder1 [at] gmail [dot] com)


Well said. I have suggested that James draw up some sort of usage agreement, and then be able to remove comments that are in violation.

I think that requiring individuals to post under real names would be a right step. Of course, I suggested this on the forum and got slammed by an anonymous poster...

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 10, 2011, by Nathan Holth (form3 [at] historicbridges [dot] org)

I have been out of the office for a week and am coming back to this forum with all these pointless comments of people arguing and calling names splattered all over. Nothing wrong with a joke, I always enjoy those, but I am talking about the flame wars that seem to be breaking out. I strongly believe these comments and behaviors are immature and diminish the qualities that make BridgeHunter something so special and important.

The forum and community atmosphere is what makes BridgeHunter unique... its what makes it stand out from the other historic bridge websites out there. Lets not lose sight of that. Keep in mind that everything you post here can be read by state DOTs, county highway engineers, etc. And trust me, they do look at historic bridge websites. This is something I have had to learn with my own website... and am still learning and dealing with in fact. We want to show these agencies... these bridge owners that the historic bridge community is a united group of people who all agree that preserving historic bridges is important, and who also agree that demolition must be avoided at all costs.

I understand there will always be some level of disagreement about what should appear on BridgeHunter. The reality is, the final decision should always rest with the webmaster and/or the owner of the website. Those of us who contribute to BridgeHunter do so only by the graces of the webmaster. So while I personally abhor modern cable-stayed bridges, I respect that some people find and appreciate what these bridges offer over a modern pre-stressed box beam bridge, so I don't make a big deal about it. I respect that the webmaster seems to have deemed these bridges appropriate to the website, since he has added some himself.

With those thoughts in mind, perhaps the webmaster might consider the development of a set of guidelines or requirements for website contributors to follow in terms of what is inappropriate to post, etc. Having a set of rules might help eliminate unwanted content, and also help deter backfire if the webmaster chooses to remove that content which has been added to the website which does not follow said guidelines.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Robert Elder (robertelder1 [at] gmail [dot] com)


I think that YOU are the one who is not man enough to post under his/her own name. Quit hiding behind a curtain of anonymity.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Real Name (reality [at] fakename [dot] com)

I have something to say. Robert get your panties out of a wad ! Sheldon is an idiot !

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Chelsea (Robert's car) (robertelder1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Yes, if everybody will quit posting under fake names, I will quit posting under my car's name :-)


~ Robert

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Robert Elder (robertelder1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

The name-calling on this site is getting absolutely ridiculous. Already someone has refered to me as a tree - I did not take it personally, I am not a tree, nor a treebagger but still...lets keep the profanities and insults off of here.

Also please use your real name if you have something to say.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Cliff Darby (clif30 [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Yeah, unless he added it, don't pat his back. I've added tons of street views. Its not hard.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by UCEB Police

Even though this is slightly out of our jurisdiction, we are alarmed and slightly disturbed to find Sheldon wandering out of the state of Kansas.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by sneiw nodlehs (bang head [at] brick wall [dot] com)

True words of wisdom. Thank god for your post to bring everyone back to Earth. To use old terminology he has moved from autistic village idiot up to peasant status. (oh wait he's still autistic) Either way a step in the right direction. Keep trying kiddo, if anything it gives us something to laugh at daily.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Todd Walker

Don't pop those celebratory champagne corks yet boys. All Sheldon did was add a street view to an existing bridge listed. It is not like he found a Rembrandt painting at a yard sale. Even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Jason Smith (JDSmith77 [at] gmx [dot] net)

Nice one, Sheldon! Modern it is but even modern truss bridges can be appealing to the passers-by. Well done! :-)

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Eddie Douthitt (eddied62 [at] windstream [dot] net)

Agreed...Sheldon, you did good on this one.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 7, 2011, by Robert Thompson

Good work, Sheldon! We like that one.

Tolt River Bridge
Posted January 6, 2011, by David Backlin (us71 [at] cox [dot] net)

A modern truss? Interesting.