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After posting them officially on a short while ago, I thought I would go ahead and announce a few items I have added over at that directly benefit or relate to as they seem to be working in a relatively bug-free state. Bridge Locator "App" With BridgeHunter Support:

In addition to, I was able to link to the BridgeHunter database (the only part of the BridgeHunter code that I partially can understand) so the app supports "Find Near Me" for BridgeHunter, LandmarkHunter, and UglyBridges.

Known Issues: This app uses HTML5 geolocation code, and as currently configured, it uses basic location information. As such, you may notice that your GPS is not always (or ever) triggered or running, unlike when you run a navigation app. To date, attempts to require the app to attempt to use precise (GPS Sensor) location have not worked. In testing, the app appears to be fairly accurate nevertheless. One issue noted is with Google Chrome sometimes the app does not update the user's location every time you hit the search button. It might only update the location every 10 minutes or so. If this issue occurs while driving and searching, it can be a problem. In this case, try a different browser. On Android, Dolphin Browser seems to work particularly well. The other known issue is that the distance shown that indicates your approximate distance to each bridge will not be totally accurate, however it appears to be accurate enough for the intended use based on my testing.

Check Bridges On 2021 National Bridge Inventory Links

As I had posted previously, I cannot figure out how to import National Bridge Inventory data to's existing import features and to Less challenging (but still quite difficult for my skill level), I managed to create a new tool to search the 2021 copy of the National Bridge Inventory on which is the best I can do at this time. As such, "Search Near Here" type links have been added on each of the bridge pages on (in the list of map links) to query this inventory from Results are listed in order with the closest to the coordinates on being shown first, within a short distance (0.8 kilometers actually). This should help people on check on the current status of bridges.

Check Bridges On Links

Also in the maps links on BridgeHunter, a similar link has been aded which allows someone viewing a bridge on to check for any nearby bridges listed on This pairs perfectly with the link tool James created on some years ago at my request, which allows for people viewing a bridge on to click a link in the Maps and Links section to check for nearby bridges listed on In short, it is now possible to quickly switch between and pages for a bridge, even if nobody has added an external link manually on either website.


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