Cobban Bridge Is Doomed

WQOW Television in Eau Claire, Wisconsin is reporting that the more than one century old Cobban Bridge is going to be demolished. The Wisconsin DOT offered the bridge up to a new owner, at no charge, provided the bridge would be relocated and preserved.

Apparently, no one stepped forward and next year, the bridge will be demolished to make room for a modern bridge. In 1917-18, the bridge was relocatedto prevent it from being inundated by Lake Wissota, formed by a dam that was under construction at the time.

WQOW further reports that Cobban Bridge Preservation group made efforts to save the bridge including an agreement with the Chippewa County Highway Department. The group feels the county highway department did not live up its end of the bargain with the group.

For now, it looks like the two span, pin-connected Pennsylvania steel overhead truss is doomed.

Source: Historic Chippewa County bridge will be torn down WQOW Television News, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


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