Clarion County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Armstrong Trail - Brady TunnelArmstrong Trail (frmr PRR) under HillsideIntact but closed to all trafficTunnel1916----2468.0
Armstrong Trail - Catfish Run BridgeArmstrong Trail (frmr PRR) over Catfish RunOpen to pedestrians onlyClosed-spandrel arch--------
B&O - Foxburg Bridge (Old)B&O Railroad over Allegheny RiverReplaced by a new bridgeHowe through truss18721912----
B&O - Paint Creek bridgeBaltimore & Ohio Railroad over Paint CreekIntact but closed to all trafficDeck plate girder----228.0228.0
Catfish Run BridgeSarah Furnace Rd (SR 3006) over Catfish RunOpen to trafficGirder1901--50.957.1
Clarion River Bridge (Gravel Lick)PA 1001 over Clarion RiverReplaced by new bridgeThrough truss19141997158.1324.2
Clarion River Bridge (Toby)5th Avenue / Miola Rd over Clarion RiverReplaced by a new bridgePennsylvania through truss--1988----
Climax BridgeClimax Rd over Redbank CreekNo longer existsWarren deck trussca. 18982009--257.9
Conrail - Clarion TrestleConrail over Clarion RiverIntact but closed to all trafficBaltimore deck truss1908--270.0845.0
Conrail - Clarion Tunnel No. 2Conrail (abandoned) under hillsideDerelict/abandonedTunnel1909----2176.0
Conrail - Clarion Tunnel No. 3Conrail (abandoned) under hillsideDerelict/abandonedTunnel1909----1726.0
Cook Forest State Park Suspension Footbridgetrail over Toms RunOpen to pedestrians onlyWire suspension--------
Deer Creek Bridge (Beaver Furnace Rd)Beaver Furnace Rd over Deer CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1910--80.189.9
Deer Creek Bridge (Bryners Mill Rd)Bryners Mill Road over Deer CreekOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel archca. 1925--85.085.0
East Brady BridgeRoute 68 over Allegheny RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss19342007199.2771.0
Emlenton Low Level BridgeRoute 38 over Allegheny RiverOpen to trafficGirder1987------
Forest Drive Bridgepath over Piney CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyTimber stringer1907--86.086.0
Foxburg BridgeRoute 58 over Allegheny RiverReplaced by a new bridgeWarren through truss19212008173.9538.1
Interstate 80 - Allegheny River BridgeI-80 over Allegheny RiverOpen to trafficWarren deck truss1966--540.11675.0
Interstate 80 - Clarion River BridgeI-80 over Clarion RiverOpen to trafficWarren deck truss1965--611.91634.9
Interstate 80 - Deer Creek BridgeI-80 over Deer CreekOpen to trafficWarren deck truss1965--280.91042.0
Mill Creek BridgeOld State Rd over Mill CreekReplaced by a new bridgePratt pony trussca. 1910200380.181.0
Parker BridgeRoute 368 over Allegheny RiverOpen to trafficParker through truss1934--390.11140.1
Parker Bridge (Old)Bridge over Allegheny RiverNo longer existsBowstring through truss1872?1935----
Piney Creek BridgePiney Road over Piney CreekNo longer existsPony truss1910--49.950.9
Redbank Creek Bridge - HawthornWalker Flat Road over Redbank CreekReplaced by new bridgeThrough truss19021992202.1208.0
Redbank Valley Trail - Climax TunnelRedbank Valley Trail under Open to pedestrians onlyTunnel1876--517.0517.0
Redbank Valley Trail - Long Point TunnelRedbank Valley Trail under Open to pedestrians onlyTunnel----644.0644.0
Richey Run BridgePanther Spring Rd over Richey RunOpen to trafficStone arch1910--40.040.0
SR 1015 bridge - Toms RunSR 1015 over Toms RunOpen to trafficConcrete tee beam1936--59.168.9
Toby Creek Bridge - LucindaSarvey Mill Rd over Toby CreekReplaced by new bridgePony trussca. 1910199640.044.0
Toby Creek Bridge - State Game Lands #72Breniman Rd over Toby CreekDestroyed by floodingPratt pony trussca. 1905199658.158.1
US 322 Clarion River Bridge (New)US 322 over Clarion RiverOpen to trafficDeck arch1987--560.1875.0
US 322 Clarion River Bridge (Old)US 322 over Clarion RiverReplaced by a new bridgePennsylvania through truss19011987----
US 68 - Little Licking Creek BridgeUS 68 over Little Licking CreekOpen to trafficConcrete tee beam1923--24.927.9