Bridges with Most Votes Cast

  1. Jenkins Bridge (Orange County, Vermont)
    Bridge over Jenkins Brook (First Branch White River) on Private Drive/Pedestrian Trail
    Open to pedestrians only
    Built in 2014 by a young Vermont architect, Nick Fabrikant, to give access to the open woods opposite the stream.
    Rated 81% with 78 votes
  2. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco County, California)
    Suspension bridge over San Francisco Bay on US 101 at San Francisco
    Open to traffic
    Built 1937
    Rated 83% with 45 votes
  3. Long Shoals Bridge (Bourbon County, Kansas)
    Bypassed through truss bridge over Little Osage River on 265th Street
    Closed to all traffic
    Built 1902 by the Midland Bridge Co.
    Rated 84% with 43 votes
  4. Benson Bridge (Multnomah County, Oregon)
    Concrete arch bridge over Lower Multnomah Falls on a pedestrian trail
    Open to pedestrians
    Built 1914
    Rated 50% with 43 votes
  5. Fort Leavenworth Bridge (Leavenworth County, Kansas)
    Lost Post through truss bridge over Missouri River
    Built 1871; Burned and abandoned 1913 , Converted to road 1917
    Rated 78% with 37 votes
  6. Springfield Bridge (original location) (Faulkner County, Arkansas)
    Bowstring through truss bridge formerly over Cadron Creek on Springfield Road
    Open to pedestrians
    Completed July 1874 by the King Bridge Manufactory & Iron Works of Iola, Kansas, a branch of the King Bridge Co. of Cleveland, Ohio. Bypassed by a new bridge 1991. Fabrication date circa 1871, a controversy with the two counties delayed set.
    Rated 89% with 32 votes
  7. Rezner Bowstring Bridge (Jasper County, Indiana)
    Bowstring pony truss bridge over Iroquois River in Rensselaer
    Open to pedestrians only
    Originally built in 1871 at one of two possible locations. Relocated to the Gangloff-Sayler Farm ca. 1916 and finally moved and restored in Potawatomi Park in 2012.
    Rated 92% with 25 votes
  8. MacArthur Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
    Three-span through truss bridge over the Mississippi River in St. Louis, south of the Poplar Street Bridge
    Open to railroad traffic only
    Built 1907-1917 by the City of St. Louis to break the monopoly of the Terminal Railroad Association, which controlled the two other bridges at St. Louis and charged unreasonable tolls. Automobile deck closed to traffic in 1981.
    Rated 83% with 23 votes
  9. Wheeling Suspension Bridge (Ohio County, West Virginia)
    Suspension bridge over Ohio River on WV 251 in Wheeling
    Open to traffic
    Built 1849; collapsed May 17, 1854; temporary bridge reopened July 26, 1854; permanent bridge reopened July 1860; improvements made 1871-72, 1886, 1922, 1930, 1956 and other years
    Rated 81% with 23 votes
  10. Danville-Mickles Bowstring Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas)
    Relocated bowstring through truss bridge next to Danville City Hall
    Open to pedestrians
    Originally built July 1880 by the King Bridge Co. at Danville; relocated in 1920
    Rated 86% with 22 votes
  11. Trenton Through Truss Bridge (Cache County, Utah)
    Through truss bridge over Bear River on 10200 North in Trenton
    Open to traffic
    Built 1925
    Rated 64% with 22 votes
  12. Madison-Milton Bridge (Jefferson County, Indiana)
    Cantilevered through truss bridge over Ohio River on US 421 between Madison, IN, and Milton, KY
    All main spans demolished.
    Built 1928-29; rehabilitated 1997, imploded August 2013
    Rated 84% with 21 votes
  13. North Fork Mill Creek Bridge (Washington County, Kansas)
    Pony truss bridge over North Fork Mill Creek on A-11.5 55, 3.6 mi. west and 0.5 mi. south of Haddam
    Rated 76% with 21 votes
  14. Roebling Suspension Bridge (Hamilton County, Ohio)
    Suspension bridge over the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Covington
    Rehabilitation Completed
    Built 1866 by John A. Roebling. Rehabilitated 1955.
    Rated 87% with 21 votes
  15. Cairo Mississippi River Bridge (Alexander County, Illinois)
    Cantilevered through truss bridge over the Mississippi River on U. S. Highway 60 / 62 between Birds Point, MO, and Cairo, IL
    Open to traffic
    Built 1929; tolls removed 1954; rehabilitated 1983, 2005, 2011, and 2015
    Rated 81% with 20 votes
  16. RI - Gasconade River Bridge (Osage County, Missouri)
    Pratt deck truss over Gasconade River on the Rock Island Railroad between Freeburg and Belle
    Abandoned; Burned November 2017
    Built 1902 by A.J. Tullock; out of service since 1980.
    Rated 92% with 20 votes
  17. Natchez Trace Birdsong Hollow Arch Bridge (Williamson County, Tennessee)
    Concrete double-arch segmental bridge on the Natchez Trace Parkway at Birdsong Hollow in Williamson County Tennessee
    Open to traffic
    Built 1995 to bridge the gap over the Little South Fork of the Harpeth River and State Highway 96, one of the last segments to be built on the Natchez Trace Parkway
    Rated 80% with 20 votes
  18. Wabash Cannon Ball Bridge (Lawrence County, Illinois)
    Through truss bridge over Wabash River on TR 257 northeast of St. Francisville
    Open to one-lane traffic, with a tollbooth in St. Francisville
    Built 1906 for the Big Four Railroad, later New York Central RR, abandoned in late 1960's - 70's, years later local farmer bought it and reopened it as a roadway bridge
    Rated 84% with 19 votes
  19. Big Four Bridge (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
    Rail-Trail six-span through truss railroad bridge over the Ohio River at Louisville
    Open to pedestrians only
    Built 1929 using preexisting stone piers. Interurban traffice ends 1939; Approches scrapped 1974.
    Rated 87% with 19 votes
  20. Riverside Bridge (Christian County, Missouri)
    Two-span Pratt through truss bridge over Finley Creek on Riverside Drive north of Ozark in Ozark
    Closed indefinitely due to flooding. Replacement most likely
    Built 1909 by the Canton Bridge Co. at Ozark Mill and later relocated here; reopened Aug. 23, 2013
    Rated 86% with 19 votes
  21. Carlton Bridge (Mercer County, Pennsylvania)
    Through truss bridge over French Creek on SR 1015 (New Lebanon Road)
    Currently being moved to Michigan for refurbishment and then on to its new home in New Jersey
    Built 1888 by Columbia Bridge Works; rehabilitated 1990
    Rated 93% with 19 votes
  22. Boner Bridge (Warrick County, Indiana)
    Bowstring through truss bridge over Little Pigeon Creek on Boner Road
    Open to traffic
    Built 1869
    Rated 89% with 18 votes
  23. Creamery Bridge (Miami County, Kansas)
    Three-span Marsh arch bridge over Marais Des Cygnes River on 8th Street at Osawatomie
    Open to traffic
    Built 1930, Rehabilitated 2013
    Rated 82% with 18 votes
  24. ASB Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
    Vertical-lift through truss bridge over the Missouri River on the BNSF Railway in Kansas City
    Open to railroad traffic
    Opened to traffic on December 28, 1911; upper roadway deck removed 1987
    Rated 85% with 18 votes
  25. Eads Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
    Three-span steel arch bridge over the Mississippi River and N. Leonor K. Sullivan Blvd. in downtown St. Louis
    Top deck open to four lanes of traffic with a pedestrian lane, bottom deck open to two tracks of MetroLink light rail service
    Built 1869-1874 under the direction of engineer James Buchanan Eads; automobile deck closed 1989 - 2003 for rehabilitation and replacement; reopened July 4, 2003
    Rated 83% with 18 votes
  26. Brooklyn Bridge (Kings County, New York)
    Suspension bridge over East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York
    Open to traffic
    Opened to traffic May 24, 1883
    Rated 87% with 18 votes
  27. Cottonwood River-Quail Creek Road Bridge (Marion County, Kansas)
    Abandoned through truss bridge over Cottonwood River on former Quail Creek Road
    Abandoned with deck removed
    Rated 65% with 18 votes
  28. Bridgeport Bridge (Belmont County, Ohio)
    Lost three-span through truss bridge over Ohio River Back Channel on US 40 between Bridgeport and Wheeling Island
    Built 1893 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1987 with load-bearing Bailey truss installed over the deck
    Rated 93% with 17 votes
  29. New River Gorge Bridge (Fayette County, West Virginia)
    Massive steel arch bridge over New River on US 19 east of Fayette
    Open to traffic
    Opened on October 22, 1977
    Rated 84% with 17 votes
  30. Kate Shelley High Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
    Deck truss bridge over Des Moines River on Union Pacific Railroad west of Boone
    Built 1899-1901, bypassed in 2007-09
    Rated 95% with 17 votes
  31. Mead Avenue Bridge (Crawford County, Pennsylvania)
    Two-span Whipple through truss bridge over French Creek on Mead Avenue in Meadville
    In storage or disassembled
    Built 1871; additional trusses added 1912
    Rated 84% with 17 votes
  32. Fryer's Ford Bridge (Conway County, Arkansas)
    Through truss bridge over East Fork Point Remove Creek on CR 67 (Fryer Bridge Road)
    Collapsed by an overloaded truck .
    Built 1890 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co. of Canton, Ohio, Lost 2011
    Rated 88% with 16 votes
  33. Sugar Creek Chapel Bridge (Iroquois County, Illinois)
    Steel through arch bridge over Sugar Creek on 900N Road (CH 9), 3.25 mi. east of Milford
    Closed to traffic in December 2012.
    Built in 1895 by P.E. Lane using parts salvaged from the 1892 Chicago Worlds Fair
    Rated 84% with 16 votes
  34. Independence Bowstring (Verdigris River) Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
    Bowstring through truss bridge over Verdigris River at the end of Burns Street in Independence
    Abandoned with deck missing and surrounded by overgrowth
    Built 1871 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.
    Rated 77% with 16 votes
  35. Old Richardsville Road Bridge (Warren County, Kentucky)
    Three span Bowstring Arch Truss bridge over Barren River on Old Richardsville Road in Bowling Green
    Open to traffic.
    Built 1889
    Rated 87% with 16 votes
  36. Mackinac Bridge (Emmet County, Michigan)
    Suspension bridge over the Straits of Mackinac on I-75 at Mackinaw City
    Open to traffic
    Opened Nov. 1, 1957
    Rated 85% with 16 votes
  37. Stillwater Bridge (Washington County, Minnesota)
    Vertical lift bridge over St. Croix River on MN 36/WI 64 at Stillwater
    Open to pedestrians only
    Built 1931; rehabilitated 1973, 2017
    Rated 62% with 16 votes
  38. Grand Auglaize Swinging Bridge (Miller County, Missouri)
    Suspension bridge over Grand Auglaize Creek on Swinging Bridges Road (Lake Road 42-18) southwest of Brumley
    Open to traffic
    Built 1922 by Joseph Dice
    Rated 82% with 16 votes
  39. Old Chain of Rocks Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
    Cantilevered through truss bridge over the Mississippi River on St Louis Riverfront Trail (Old US 66) just south of the modern I-270 bridge in St. Louis
    Open to pedestrians and bicyclists
    Built 1927-1929; opened July 5, 1929, closed to traffic in 1968; reopened for pedestrians on June 5, 1999
    Rated 81% with 16 votes
  40. Ambridge-Aliquippa Bridge (Beaver County, Pennsylvania)
    Cantilevered through truss bridge over the Ohio River on PA 3052/11th Street in Ambridge
    Open to traffic
    Built 1927 by the Dravo Contracting and American Bridge Company.
    Rated 90% with 16 votes
  41. Meridian Street Bridge (Pierce County, Washington)
    Through truss bridge over Puyallup River on WA 167 in Puyallup
    In storage
    Built 1925; rehabilitated 1951
    Rated 90% with 16 votes
  42. High Trestle Trail Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
    Precast concete girder bridge over Des Moines River on High Trestle Trail
    Open to pedestrians, with new deck built on original bridge piers
    Built 2010
    Rated 66% with 16 votes
  43. Ghost Bridge (Lauderdale County, Alabama)
    Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Cypress Creek on CR 282 in Florence
    Built 1912; Closed 1996; Demolished 2013
    Rated 88% with 15 votes
  44. Nachitoch Bluff Bridge (Clark County, Arkansas)
    Derelict two-span through truss over Little Missouri River, just upstream from I-30
    Abandoned, with deck partially missing
    Built 1908 by the Morava Construction Co.; rehabilitated 1980; closed to traffic ca. 1996
    Rated 83% with 15 votes
  45. Sunshine Skyway Bridge (Pinellas County, Florida)
    Cable-stayed bridge over Tampa Bay on I-275/US 19 at Saint Petersburg
    Open to four lanes of traffic
    Opened to traffic April 20, 1987
    Rated 71% with 15 votes
  46. Broad Avenue Bridge (Dougherty County, Georgia)
    Concrete arch bridge over Flint River on Broad Avenue in Albany
    First Main span came down 1-11-2013
    Built 1920
    Rated 77% with 15 votes
  47. Asylum Bridge (Miami County, Kansas)
    Reverse Parker through truss bridge over Marais Des Cygnes River on 1st Street in Osawatomie
    Closed to all traffic
    Built 1905 by the Kansas City Bridge Co.
    Rated 79% with 15 votes
  48. Astoria-Megler Bridge (Clatsop County, Oregon)
    Continuous rigid-cantilever Warren through truss bridge over Columbia River on US 101 in Astoria
    Open to traffic
    Built 1966
    Rated 84% with 15 votes
  49. Knoll Road Bridge (Story County, Iowa)
    Concrete rigid frame bridge over College Creek on Knoll Road/Union Drive on Iowa State University Campus
    Open to traffic
    Built 2004
    Rated 73% with 15 votes
  50. Beaver Bridge (Carroll County, Arkansas)
    Suspension bridge over White River (Table Rock Reservoir) on AR 187 at Beaver, northwest of Eureka Springs
    Open to one-lane traffic with a 10 ton weight limit
    Built 1949 by the Pioneer Construction Co. of Malvern, Arkansas
    Rated 82% with 14 votes
  51. Wagon Wheel Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
    Through truss bridge over Des Moines River on 200th Street west of Boone
    Remaining spans demolished December 2, 2016
    Built 1909; closed to vehicle traffic in 2008 due to flood damage on an approach span; center pier damaged by ice on February 22, 2016 with one span collapsing on March 10, 2016. Remaining spans demolished December 2, 2016.
    Rated 90% with 14 votes
  52. Upper Bluffton Bridge (Winneshiek County, Iowa)
    Through truss bridge over Upper Iowa River on W. Ravine Road
    Queenpost span is relocated to a nearby property to be used as a driveway; through truss span was scrapped.
    Built 1878 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.; rehabilitated in 2001; closed to traffic in 2009; queenpost span now private property, through truss span is gone
    Rated 94% with 14 votes
  53. Bolivia Road Bridge (Sangamon County, Illinois)
    Through truss bridge over Sangamon River on Bolivia Road (TR 518)
    Intact but closed to all traffic
    Built 1901
    Rated 86% with 14 votes
  54. Bollman Bridge (Howard County, Maryland)
    Bollman through truss bridge over Little Patuxent River in Savage, near the intersection of Goman Road and Foundry Street
    Open to pedestrians
    Built for the main line of the B&O Railroad in 1869. Moved to present location around 1887. Remained in service until 1947. Restored in 1968 (perhaps 1983).
    Rated 95% with 14 votes
  55. INRD - Tulip Trestle (Greene County, Indiana)
    Deck plate girder bridge over Richland Creek on Indiana Railroad
    Open to traffic
    Built 1906 for the Indiana Southern Railroad
    Rated 85% with 14 votes
  56. Old Military Bridge (Bourbon County, Kansas)
    Abandoned bowstring through truss bridge over Marmaton River on 240th Street
    Built ca. 1878. Closed to vehicular traffic in 1965. Wooden deck destroyed by fire in 1974.
    Rated 76% with 14 votes
  57. Drew Bridge (Lafayette County, Florida)
    Through Truss Swing Bridge over Suwannee River on Abandoned Suwannee & San Pedro Railroad
    Abandoned since mid 20th century.
    Built between 1869-1874 at an unknown location, purchased 1899, installed 1901; abandoned 1920
    Rated 81% with 14 votes
  58. Augusta Vicinity Whitewater River Bridge (Butler County, Kansas)
    Abandoned Pratt through truss bridge over Whitewater River on SW 90th St (Abandoned)
    Built in 1886 by P.E. Lane
    Rated 80% with 14 votes
  59. Livermore Falls Bridge (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
    Pin Connected Lenticular deck truss bridge over Pemigewasset River on Abandoned Road
    Built 1885 by Berlin Iron Bridge Co.; Closed To Traffic 1959
    Rated 91% with 14 votes
  60. Hoover Trail - Morning Sun Stone Arch (Louisa County, Iowa)
    Abandoned Stone Arch Bridge over 40th Street and Unamed Branch of Honey Creek on Hoover Trail
    Open to pedestrians only
    Built 1886
    Rated 95% with 14 votes
  61. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (San Francisco County, California)
    Suspension bridge over San Francisco Bay on I-80 connecting San Francisco, Yerba Buena Island, and Oakland
    Open to traffic
    Built 1936; rehabilitated 1962; partial collapse 1989; west span siesmic retrofit 2013; east span replaced 2013.
    Rated 89% with 13 votes
  62. Savanna-Sabula Bridge (Carroll County, Illinois)
    Continuous through truss bridge over the Mississippi River on US 52/IL 64/IA 64 at Savanna
    Replaced by a new bridge
    Built 1932; rehabilitated 1985; Imploded March 9, 2018
    Rated 81% with 13 votes
  63. County Line Bowstring Bridge (Cloud County, Kansas)
    Bowstring truss bridge over West Creek on Republic Road, northwest of Hollis
    Open to one-lane traffic on a low-maintenance road
    Built in 1876 as part of a four span bridge in the Concordia vicinity.
    Rated 77% with 13 votes
  64. Republican River Pegram Truss Bridge (Cloud County, Kansas)
    Three-span through truss bridge over Republican River on 190th Road (RS 566), northeast of Concordia
    Open to traffic
    Built 1893 by the Edge Moor Bridge Works of Wilmington, Delaware as a railroad bridge.
    Rated 72% with 13 votes
  65. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana)
    Pair of prestressed concrete bridges over Lake Pontchartrain with a length of nearly 24 miles
    Open to two lanes of toll southbound traffic and two lanes of free northbound traffic
    First bridge built 1956
    Rated 54% with 13 votes
  66. St. Johns Bridge (Multnomah County, Oregon)
    Suspension bridge over Willamette River on US 30 Bypass in Portland
    Open to traffic
    Built 1931
    Rated 86% with 13 votes
  67. Bachman Tunnels (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
    Tunnels under Missonary Ridge on U.S. 41 and U.S. 76 (State Highway 8)
    Open to traffic
    Built 1929
    Rated 92% with 13 votes
  68. Big Elm Creek Bridge (Falls County, Texas)
    Bowstring pony truss bridge over Big Elm Creek on CR 179
    Closed (Culvert to the East has washed out and is barricaded)
    Built 1884
    Rated 89% with 13 votes
  69. Bellaire Toll Bridge (Belmont County, Ohio)
    Cantilevered through truss bridge over Ohio River at Bellaire
    Closed to all traffic
    Operated as a privately owned toll bridge unitl 1991 when Ohio DOT cut off the west approach to build a new OH 7. Now owned by KDC investments which is in litigation with three companys who claim they paid for the exclusive scrap rights.
    Rated 89% with 13 votes
  70. Austin Bridge (Neosho County, Kansas)
    Relocated Bowstring through truss bridge over Little Turkey Creek
    Open to pedestrians
    Built 1872 near Chanute by the King Iron Bridge Co. Moved downstream ca. 1910. Relocated to Santa Fe Park in Chanute, Kansas.
    Rated 65% with 13 votes
  71. Old Rockville Road Bridge (Hendricks County, Indiana)
    Whipple through truss bridge over White Lick Creek on a pedestrian trail (former Broyles Road) in Avon
    Open to pedestrians
    Built 1875 by the Columbia Bridge Works
    Rated 92% with 13 votes
  72. Frankford Avenue Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
    Three-span stone arch bridge over Pennypack Creek on Frankford Avenue (US 13) in Holmesburg
    Under construction
    Built 1697 by the residents of Lower Dublin Township; widened 1893
    Rated 87% with 13 votes
  73. Mill Street Bridge (Vermilion County, Illinois)
    Abandoned concrete arch bridge over North Fork Vermilion River on Bridge Street in Danville
    Built 1915, rehabilitated in 1921, closed to truck traffic in 1948, bypassed in 1950, closed to car and pedestrian traffic in 1960, approach spans demolished in 1965-66
    Rated 87% with 13 votes
  74. NS - Portage Viaduct (3rd) (Wyoming County, New York)
    Deck truss bridge over Genesee River on Norfolk Southern Railway north of Portageville
    Tracks shifted to new bridge and old bridge abandoned Dec. 10-11, 2017
    Built 1903 reusing 1875 substructure; rehabilitated 1944; bypassed with new bridge and abandoned Dec. 2017; demolition begun Jan. 2018.
    Rated 83% with 13 votes
  75. Soo Line High Bridge (Washington County, Minnesota)
    Steel arch bridge over St. Croix River on Canadian National Railroad
    Open to traffic
    Built 1910-11 by Wisconsin Central RR replacing a bridge downstream.
    Rated 88% with 13 votes
  76. B.B. Comer Bridge (Jackson County, Alabama)
    Cantilevered Warren through truss bridge over Tennessee River on State Highway 35 at Scottsboro
    Demolished June 2, 2016
    Built 1930; Demolished 2016
    Rated 88% with 12 votes
  77. Fort Ritner Bridge (Lawrence County, Indiana)
    Two-span through truss bridge over East Fork White River on CR L7S10
    Closed to all traffic
    Built 1895 by the Lafayette Bridge Co.
    Rated 83% with 12 votes
  78. Williams Covered Bridge 14-47-02 (Lawrence County, Indiana)
    Covered bridge over East Fork White River on Huron & Williams Road
    Open to pedestrians only
    Built 1884, closed to traffic on September 20, 2010, rehabilitated in 2012
    Rated 75% with 12 votes
  79. Briscoe Bridge (Warrick County, Indiana)
    Through truss bridge over Little Pigeon Creek on Old River Road
    Restoration completed and open to traffic
    Built 1893
    Rated 91% with 12 votes
  80. Ironton-Russell Bridge (old bridge) (Lawrence County, Ohio)
    Lost Cantilevered Warren through truss bridge over the Ohio River between Ironton, Ohio and Russell, Kentucky
    Built 1922, owned by the Kentucky State Highway Department
    Rated 93% with 12 votes
  81. Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge (Coos County, Oregon)
    Steel cantilevered through truss bridge over Coos Bay on US 101 in North Bend
    Open to traffic
    Built 1936, Rehabilitation 2008
    Rated 85% with 12 votes
  82. Newell Toll Bridge (Hancock County, West Virginia)
    Private suspension bridge over the Ohio River on Golding Street Extension between Newell and East Liverpool.
    Open to toll traffic
    Built 1905; rehabilitated 1954
    Rated 84% with 12 votes
  83. Kern Bridge (Blue Earth County, Minnesota)
    Bowstring through truss bridge over LeSeuer River at border of Mankato and South Bend Townships on Township Rd. 190 and 195th Lane
    Closed to all traffic
    Built 1873 by Wrought Iron Bridge Company Canton, OH; Closed to traffic in 1990
    Rated 87% with 12 votes
  84. Silver Bridge (Gallia County, Ohio)
    Lost eyebar suspension bridge over the Ohio River on US 35 between Point Pleasant, WV, and Kanauga, OH
    Collapsed and replaced by new bridge
    Built 1928, collasped on December 15, 1967, killing 46 people. Replaced by a new bridge in 1969.
    Rated 85% with 12 votes
  85. Flensburg Bridge (Effingham County, Illinois)
    Bowstring through truss bridge over Little Wabash River on TR 299
    Built 1882
    Rated 86% with 12 votes
  86. Zoarville Station Bridge (Tuscarawas County, Ohio)
    Fink through truss bridge over Conotton Creek on Old section SR-212
    Open to pedestrians
    Built in 1868 by Smith,Latrobe,& Co., relocated and restored in 2007.
    Rated 86% with 12 votes
  87. Brewers Bridge (Elbert County, Georgia)
    Abandoned concrete curved chord through girder bridge over Beaverdam Creek on Brewers Bridge Road
    Built 1924, bypassed in 2002 with opening of new bridge beside it
    Rated 89% with 12 votes
  88. CN - Manitowoc River High Bridge (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
    Deck plate girder bridge over Manitowoc River on Fox Valley and Western
    Open to traffic
    Rated 81% with 12 votes
  89. DM&E - Iowa River Bridge (Tyson Spur) (Louisa County, Iowa)
    Lost Parker through truss over Iowa River on former Iowa Beef Packers (Tyson Foods) spur line
    Bridge removed
    Built 1894, Approach Collapsed 2008, removed completely 2014
    Rated 95% with 12 votes
  90. Rock Lick Creek Bridge (Breckinridge County, Kentucky)
    Bowstring through truss bridge over Rock Lick Creek on Abandoned Road
    Open to pedestrians
    Built around 1880 by the King Bridge Co.
    Rated 94% with 12 votes
  91. Colorado Riverway Bridge (Grand County, Utah)
    Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge over Colorado River
    Open to pedestrians and bicycles.
    Built Spring 2008
    Rated 33% with 12 votes
  92. Big Creek Park Footbridge (Fulton County, Illinois)
    Half-hip Pratt pony truss bridge over Unnamed ditch on Foot traffic
    Open to pedestrians only
    Rated 58% with 12 votes
  93. Des Arc Swinging Bridge (Prairie County, Arkansas)
    Lost swinging bridge over White River on AR 38 at Des Arc
    No longer exists
    Built 1940-41; Removed in 1970
    Rated 75% with 11 votes
  94. Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Bridge (Yuma County, Arizona)
    Through truss bridge over Colorado River on Penitentiary Avenue
    Open to traffic
    Built 1915; rehabilitated 1943; rehabilitated again in 2002.
    Rated 82% with 11 votes
  95. Red Cliff Arch Bridge (Eagle County, Colorado)
    Steel deck arch bridge over Eagle River, Union Pacific Railroad, and Water Street on US 24 at Red Cliff
    Open to traffic
    Built 1940; rehabilitated 2004
    Rated 89% with 11 votes
  96. Hardin Bridge (Bartow County, Georgia)
    Two-span through truss bridge over Etowah River on Hardin Bridge Road
    Built 1930 by Austin Brothers Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1950, closed 2007, new bridge started 2009, new bridge completed 2011, Destoryed 2015
    Rated 80% with 11 votes
  97. French Creek Bridge (Lee County, Iowa)
    Masonry Arch bridge over French Creek on Avenue D in Fort Madison
    Built 1900; closed 2010; demolished 2013
    Rated 86% with 11 votes
  98. Mad Creek Bridge (Muscatine County, Iowa)
    Arch bridge over Mad Creek on Park Avenue W in Muscatine
    Open to traffic
    Built 1924
    Rated 90% with 11 votes
  99. Skunk River Bridge (Story County, Iowa)
    Warren through truss bridge over Skunk River on (Vacated) 255th Street in Ames
    Built 1876; moved here 1916; rehabilitated 1974; abandoned 1990
    Rated 83% with 11 votes
  100. Perrine Bridge (Twin Falls County, Idaho)
    Steel arch bridge over Snake River on US 93 at Twin Falls
    Open to traffic
    Built 1976
    Rated 71% with 11 votes