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Fulton Street Swing Bridge


Public Domain, Copyright Expired


BH Photo #313990



Lost swing through truss bridge over Yazoo River on Fulton Street
Greenwood, Leflore County, Mississippi
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1898; replaced 1925
- Groton Bridge Co. of Groton, New York
Subdivided, Polygonal Warren through truss
Approximate latitude, longitude
+33.52183, -90.18434   (decimal degrees)
33°31'19" N, 90°11'04" W   (degrees°minutes'seconds")
Approximate UTM coordinates
15/761509/3712689 (zone/easting/northing)
Quadrangle map:
Inventory number
BH 61719 (Bridgehunter.com ID)

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Fulton Street-Yazoo River Swing Bridge
Posted October 15, 2019, by Melissa Brand-Welch (melissabrandwelch [at] msn [dot] com)

Art, we've had a busy day!

Fulton Street-Yazoo River Swing Bridge
Posted October 15, 2019, by Art S. (asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)

Found it, looks like he put it up twice!:

From: http://aboutgreenwoodmississippi.com/yazoo.html#

The Yazoo River Bridge

On Monday, the Board of Supervisors let the contract for the bridge across the Yazoo River. It is to span the river at the head of Fulton Street, just above the P. Line warehouse. The contract was given to the Croten Bridge Company, a New York firm who made the survey last year, their bid being the lowest and in accord with the specifications and requirements made by the Board. It was let for the sum of $25,000. This bridge will do great things for Greenwood. We understand that a number of our citizens intend to purchase building lots across the river, so there will be a suburb to our town called North Greenwood, and thus we continue to grow and in the years to come, we'll have "Greater Greenwood".

From The Daily Flag, January 7, 1898

The pier of the bridge will deflect the current of the river against the bank and very probably cave the bank in front of the P. Line warehouse and courthouse, and along the front below the courthouse. If this happens, it will destroy a street that will cost the city a great deal of money to replace. A line of piling could be put in from where the current strikes the bank at a very normal cost, compared with what the street will cost if done while the contractors for the bridge have the steam pile driver in the river.

From The Daily Flag, August 5, 1898

It is now only a matter of a very short time when contractor Young will turn the bridge, which spans the Yazoo at this place, over to the board of supervisors. It is a massive structure, and when completed, will cost in the neighborhood of $25,000.00. The height of the middle pier from top to bottom is 96 feet and 277 feet long: the south side pier is 77 feet, and the north side is 112 feet long, with 300 feet of earthfill, making the total length of the bridge from the extreme north end to the extreme south end, 766 feet. The bridge has been a long felt want in Greenwood for many years, and now that it is about to be turned over to the county, everyone rejoices. Contractor Young certainly understands his business, and this work reflects much credit upon him as a bridge builder.

From the Delta Flag, January 13, 1899.

Board of Supervisors

The regular monthly session of the County Fathers met last Monday and continued till Wednesday morning, all members being present. The following business was transacted:

Ordered that no one shall drive or ride faster than a walk over iron bridge across the Yazoo River at Greenwood, and no one be allowed to ride a bicycle across said bridge, and anyone violating such order shall be fined $5.

In the matter of the Yazoo Bridge. Be it remembered that on this day, the 6th of March, 1899, being the day of regular session of the Supervisors of Leflore County, Mississippi, The Groton Bridge Co., of Groton N.Y., the contractor who was employed by said Board to build and complete said bridge over the Yazoo River, and approaches thereto, at the city of Greenwood, in said county, presented to said Board for their acceptance of said bridge, and the said Board of Supervisors (every member thereto), repaired to said bridge and completely examined the same for it's entire length, including the earth dump or approaches thereto, and the said Board, in addition to the said examination, carefully read the report of J.H. Frederickson, an engineer appointed to examine said bridge and it's approaches and to report to said Board wherether said bridge and said approaches were built and constructed to the plans and specifications on file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said county. The said Board of Supervisors accepts said bridge and it's approaches with the express understanding that the Groton Bridge Co., will, within a reasonable time, raise the dump at the north approach to said bridge to the height as indicated and set out in the report of said Frederickson, and that the said Groton Bridge Co. will also, within a reasonable time, put in the bolts as indicated and set out in the aforesaid report of said Frederickson. In the said Board of Supervisors reserve the right to retain out of the deferred payments to be paid for the construction of said bridge the amount that will be required to complete said dump as aforesaid, and to put in bolts as aforesaid, in the event said bridge company fails to do work as aforesaid.

T. Staige Marye, President


W.R. Prophet

J.H. Fraser

C.A. Haley

Ordered that Board do now adjourn until next regular meeting.

T. Staige Marye, President

From the Delta Flag, March 10, 1899.

In turning the bridge across the Yazoo River Wednesday, one of the shafts of the turning apparatus was broken. While repairs were made, the bridge was turned by means of ropes. A new shaft was made and placed in position Thursday afternoon.

From The Commonwealth, March 11, 1905

The government dredge boat, Ben Humphreys, Capt. J. H. Bobbs in charge, kept many vehicles and people waiting an hour yesterday (Wednesday) evening on the drawbridge while they removed a number of logs from the channel on this side of the river. One lady missed her train on account of it and many busy men were kept from their business. Some of those so delayed expressed the hope that next time the Captain would choose a less busy hour for such a task.

From The Greenwood News, September 13, 1917


Government Snag and Dredge Boat Now Cleaning Greenwood's Waterways of Stumps

The U.S. Government snag and dredge boat Ben Humphreys arrived here yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clock from Vicksburg and began work in the Yazoo River at the bridge.

It was necessary for the bridge to be opened for fully 30 minutes. The boat was the center of attraction for quite a crowd of eager onlookers who viewed the snag boat in action.

The Ben Humphreys will remain in Greenwood today, working east of the bridge. From here they will go up the river and will return in the next few days, when more work is expected to be done in the river in and around Greenwood.

From The Commonwealth, September 19, 1917


The old bridge across the Yazoo River will soon be a thing of history, under the work of demolition now being pushed forward vigorously by the bridge contractors. All of the overhead support has been removed, the first floor of the bridge resting on a false work built underneath.

The new bridge, which replaces the structure now being torn down, will use the center pier, which will be strengthened and enlarged. According to statements of the contractors, the bridge will be ready for use by January 1st.

The old bridge has an interesting history. It's construction is closely identified with the growth of Greenwood and it's development of the county, for it's construction afforded a better access to the western and northern portions of the county, and preceded by but a few years the development of the automobile.

The building of the bridge on which construction work was begun in 1897, did not come without a struggle. The proposal was bitterly fought as being a useless and unnecessary expenditure, and only good generalship and skillful political work brought it about.

It was chiefly to the farsightedness and public spirit of T. Staige Mayre, Father of W. S. Mayre, that the decision to build the bridge was finally made.

Mr. Mayre at that time was president of the Board of Supervisors. A refusal on the part of the other members to order the bridge brought an offer from Mr. Mayre to build the bridge himself, and maintain it as a toll bridge. An election for the bridge was then ordered and carried by an exceedingly small majority.

The bridge, when first constructed, was without walkways, and a constant guard was kept to prevent horses from crossing at a greater speed than five miles an hour. For years, the riding of a bicycle across the bridge was punished by a heavy fine.

The coming of the automobile changed all this, and in twenty years had rendered the bridge, which was opposed so vigorously as being unnecessary, inadequate to handle the daily traffic. After it's construction, the plantations across the river were surveyed into building lots, and today more people live in North Greenwood than were resident in the town of Greenwood when the bridge was first constructed.

From The Greenwood Daily Commonwealth, July 24, 1924

Fulton Street-Yazoo River Swing Bridge
Posted October 15, 2019, by Art S. (asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)


I just re-read your post. Very interesting. I'd be curious if you have any info to support that your great grandfather put up the bridge at this location. The bridge was manufactured by the Groton Bridge Co., did he get a sub-contract to assemble it? Also, especially if he was involved in the original construction, do you know when he built it? The date listed is 1898 but a similar image to yours (above) says it was taken in 1895.

Melissa has found evidence that your great grandfather (or the next generation of your family) re-erected it at a new location in 1927: http://bridgehunter.com/ms/humphreys/silent-shade-swing/ It collapsed within the past few years but its remains are still there.


Art S.

Yazoo River Swing Bridge
Posted March 6, 2019, by Dana and Kay Klein

Linda THANKS for sharing! Is it Ok if I brighten photo a little and add to listing credited to you?

Yazoo River Swing Bridge Greenwood MS
Posted March 6, 2019, by Linda Evers (laevers [at] aol [dot] com)

Here a picture of the Yazoo River Bridge ... which was built by WT Young who was my Great Grandfather. This picture is from his personal pictures circa 1900