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Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge


Overview in winter

Photo taken by James Baughn in January 2009


BH Photo #312737

Street Views 


Mark W. Shannon


If anyone is interested in the mechanics of saving and then restoring an historic truss bridge please join us on the Rt 66 GRB Rehab page on Facebook.


Four-spans - 1 Warren Pony truss, 1 Pratt & 2 Parker through truss bridge over Gasconade River on Old US 66 near Hazelgreen.
Laclede County, Missouri
Intact but closed to all traffic.
Built 1922-24
- Missouri State Highway Commission (Design)
From west to east:
One 8-panel Warren pony truss with alternating verticals
Two 8-panel Parker through trusses
One 6-panel Pratt through truss
Length of largest span: 161.7 ft.
Total length: 525.8 ft.
Deck width: 20.0 ft.
Vertical clearance above deck: 13.8 ft.
Eligible for the National Register of Historic Places
Also called
Rte 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Approximate latitude, longitude
+37.75909, -92.45186   (decimal degrees)
37°45'33" N, 92°27'07" W   (degrees°minutes'seconds")
Approximate UTM coordinates
15/548282/4179227 (zone/easting/northing)
Quadrangle map:
Land survey
T. 35 N., R. 14 W., Sec. 15
Average daily traffic (as of 2014)
Inventory numbers
MoDOT G-245 (Missouri Dept. of Transportation bridge number)
MONBI 4570 (Missouri bridge number on the National Bridge Inventory)
BH 21827 (Bridgehunter.com ID)
Inspection report (as of December 2014)
Overall condition: Poor
Superstructure condition rating: Serious (3 out of 9)
Substructure condition rating: Fair (5 out of 9)
Deck condition rating: Serious (3 out of 9)
Sufficiency rating: 18 (out of 100)
View more at BridgeReports.com

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Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted October 24, 2021, by Dave King (DKinghawkfan [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Looks like they might use the pony truss for a pedestrian bridge:


Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted June 20, 2019, by Jason Smith (flensburg [dot] bridgehunter [dot] av [at] googlemail [dot] com)

Call to Action to save the Bridge. Between now and July 5th you can contact MoDOT to express your desire to save the Bridge. Details here: https://bridgehunterschronicles.wordpress.com/2019/06/20/cal...

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted December 17, 2018, by Jack Schmidt (jjturtle [at] earthlink [dot] net)

This bridge is now listed under free bridges with MODOT


Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted February 19, 2018, by David Backlin (us71 [at] cox [dot] net)

Workinbridges is no longer involved in the Gasconade River project.

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted February 19, 2018, by Luke

You might want to fix your site's code.

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted February 18, 2018, by Julie Bowers (jbowerz1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Project Report Here: MoDOT inspection report from 2015 included with evidence of spalling roadway with exposed rebar, lead paint, section loss in the stringers and trusses. It's a big bridge and an expensive fix.


Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted February 8, 2018, by Mark Phillips (msp [dot] dwohio [at] gmail [dot] com)

Facebook group now focusing on preserving the Gasconade River Bridge:


Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted February 7, 2018, by David Backlin (us71 [at] cox [dot] net)

Workin' Bridges has withdrawn from this project.

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted December 18, 2017, by Robert Elder (robertelder1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

The story of A Bridge Troll who has lost his home? This story sounds quite riveting.

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted December 18, 2017, by Julie Bowers (jbowerz1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Revive66, Revive the American Road Trip, Revive the Gasconade River Bridge. This is one troll, we need lots. Help us, if you have kids.....

It's a contest! Win a Slammer BMX bike! Kids ages 2-17 are invited to create an image of a friendly troll named Grins. Our Grins has lost his home (a bridge in Iowa) and he is looking for a new home. He is traveling with his friend Cheery the Cardinal. Grins lost everything in a flood, including his mirror, so he needs YOUR help in discovering what he looks like! See contest rules here: Send your original drawings to Grins at GrinsTroll66@gmail.com. Contest starts TODAY, December 18 and ends January 3, 2018.

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted October 27, 2017, by Michael Quiet (mquiet [at] gmail [dot] com)

Julie, you can count me in for any projects up here in New England! I can think of quite a few gems that need restoration/preservation up here, and I'd be happy to team up to make sure we don't loose 'em!

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted October 26, 2017, by Julie Bowers (jbowerz1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

If you are in the neighborhood on November 5, stop by and become a part of this project. It will take a lot if it is to be saved. We kick it off then. More information here. James Baughn, we are in your neck of the woods. We have bridge projects going in three states now. I believe if regional bridge hunters joined us we could expand and save more bridges. It is going to take more than just us and the gang, that's for sure. This is a great project for size and economic development. We need everybody to generate ideas that generate action. Photo Credit PixByJax with permission.


Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted October 17, 2017, by Julie Bowers (jbowerz1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Grinnell, IA - Holt, MI - Hazelgreen, MO

Please join us as we as we launch the Gasconade River Bridge Rehabilitation Project. 

The North Skunk River Greenbelt Association (NSRGA)/ Workin' Bridges has been given the green light by the Missouri Department of Transportation(MoDOT) for a conceptual agreement to begin the fundraising efforts to actually restore the Gasconade River Bridge at Hazelgreen, Missouri. A new by-pass bridge has been designed and will be constructed in 2018 which left the historic bridge at risk for demolition. The Rte 66 Gasconade River Bridge Guardians have lead the effort for preservation and MoDOT agreed to let the efforts begin to find the funding required. Let me be clear, the historic bridge is still at risk for demolition unless sufficient funding for restoration can be acquired in the next fourteen months.

The four spans of the Gasconade River Bridge include two Parker Trusses, one Pratt truss and a Warren Pony Truss, built in 1923 and designed by MoDOT engineers. A current engineering estimate by MoDOT estimated repair work at over $3 million dollars. The Workin' Bridges qualified engineers and craftsmen will assess the bridge for possible phased options and costs that may differ from MoDOTs assessment. These real numbers, captured as Scope of Work and Estimates are required so that informed decisions can be made, for potential grants. Work with MoDOT on a risk management plan for their new bridge and the Interstate 44 bridge is being negotiated. We have proposed a Trust Account that would be in place for a catastrophic event, as well as utilizing the interest for future biannual inspections and site and security.

Developers are also being sought for this property and any design ideas are welcome. Route 66 has always been a mecca for travelers worldwide and with this bridge repaired the potential for crossing on special event days may still be an option as engineering will return the bridge to its former function. For more information on how the bridge was saved and how we are moving forward together check out Workin' Bridges: Route 66 Bridge Rehab on Facebook

Our goal is to raise $10,000 in funds. Those funds are for engineering and planning. Jacqueline (Jax) Welborn has been designated the Project Manager. She will undertake the outreach for donors to help with the immediate engineering and planning needs for the bridge. Contact Jax at rte66bridgerehab@gmail.com or call her at 573-528-1292.

Then our efforts will turn to finding the pledges, grants and in-kind donations necessary to reach our $3.5 million dollar goal by December 31, 2018. That money will go to repairing the piers and abutments that hold the spans up, the stringer and roadway replacement, floor beam repair. The deck, or at least a portion of the deck will be removed by MoDOT using their demolition funds for that purpose. The lead paint abatement solution is still to be determined.

Those efforts are currently underway. NSRGA has begun the process to become a legitimate nonprofit corporation in Missouri, then the bank accounts will be procured. In the meantime you can still donate at Workin' Bridges: Route 66 Bridge Rehab on Facebook. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Other questions, please contact Julie Bowers at jbowerz1@gmail.com or 641-260-1262. Check out this project and others on Facebook at Workin' Bridges, www.workinbridges.org and become a Save Our Bridge (SOB) action figure today.

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted February 23, 2017, by David Backlin (us71 [at] cox [dot] net)


MoDOT Moving Forward with New Gasconade River Bridge

Current Structure Will Remain in Place for Now

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted November 28, 2016, by Anon

Public meeting on December 14, 2016, 4-6 p.m. to discuss fate of bridge: http://www.modot.org/central/news_and_information/District5R...

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted April 15, 2016, by Jax Welborn (rt66riverbridgeguardians [at] gmail [dot] com)

On April 23rd at Noon there will be a Rally at the Bridge on the West side.

For more information see our Facebook page.


Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted March 15, 2015, by Will Truax (Bridgewright [at] gmail [dot] com)

Three hundred is an impressive turnout for a preservation rally!


Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted March 10, 2015, by Diane (vbvixendi [at] aol [dot] com)

There is a rally to save the bridge this Saturday 03/14 at 3pm at bridge. See facebook group Route 66 Gasconade Bridge - REPAIR, DON'T REPLACE.

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted February 21, 2015, by Chris Perry (cjp5y2 [at] mail [dot] mizzou [dot] edu)

I visited this bridge on January 28th. I just happened to be passing through the area and spotted it. Fearing the bridge's future I decided to take some pictures even though it was getting dark. I didn't get any pictures of the West side of the bridge as it was getting dark too quickly. This bridge does not appear to have had a complete road surface replacement for quite some time. Once again it looks like a little routine maintenance would have gone a long way. Hopefully the bridge will be repaired or at least preserved in-place.

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge
Posted December 24, 2014, by ArtS (asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)
Laclede County Bridge Closed Indefinitely
Posted December 18, 2014, by Laura Huffman (piagt71 [at] gmail [dot] com)

For more information, contact District Bridge Engineer Alan Trampe at (573) 526-0337 or Customer Relations at (573) 751-3322

December 18, 2014

Laclede County Bridge Closed Indefinitely

JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Transportation has closed the bridge over the Gasconade River along the Interstate 44 outer road in Laclede County after a recent inspection determined the bridge was unsafe for travel. The bridge will remain closed until further notice.

"We found enough issues with the 90-year-old bridge to decide the safest thing to do was to close it to travel," said MoDOT Central District Bridge Engineer Alan Trampe.

Added MoDOT's Central District Engineer David Silvester: "One of the big concerns with closing this bridge is that it's located on the route we use to detour traffic off of I-44 when there's an incident. We'll work over the next few weeks to determine what repairs need to be made to reopen the bridge, if that's even possible."

The majority of the state's bridges are routinely inspected in late fall and winter. The average Missouri bridge is 46 years old, but most were designed for a 50-year life.

A complete list of unplanned bridge closures throughout the state can be found on MoDOT's website at http://www.modot.org/. Included on the page are inspection photos, the reason for the bridge closure, corrective actions to be taken and how they will be paid for, a map of the bridge location and recommended detours by way of state highways.

"With the large number of bridges we have in Missouri, all of which are aging every day, and with our construction budget continuing to decline, it's likely we will see more closures in the future," Silvester said.