Cape Girardeau County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Allen Creek BridgeRoute U over Allen CreekReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1948201115.730.8
Allenville BridgeCR 238 over Diversion ChannelCollapsedCamelback through truss19181977150.0256.0
Allenville Covered Bridge 25-16-02xBridge over Old Channel Whitewater RiverDestroyed by a severe thunderstormHowe through trussca. 1870194590.090.0
Apple Creek CR 401 BridgeCape County Road 401/Perry County Road 538 over Apple CreekOpen to traffic with a weight limitSlab--------
Apple Creek CR 407 BridgeCR 407 over Apple CreekReplaced by a deck-girder bridge; portion of foundation on south bank still visiblePratt through trussca. 19051982----
Apple Creek CR 501 BridgeCR 501 over Apple CreekOpen to trafficSlabca. 1930--29.961.0
Beam Branch BridgeRoute A over Beam BranchReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1933201120.054.1
Bill Emerson Memorial BridgeMO 34/IL 146 over Mississippi RiverOpen to four-lane trafficCable-stayed2003--1150.03956.2
Blomeyer BridgeMO 25 over Diversion ChannelReplaced by earthquake-resistant concrete span; no visible trace of old bridge remainsPratt through truss19321992120.0360.0
Blue Shawnee Creek CR 522 BridgeCR 522 over Blue Shawnee CreekReplaced by new bridgeWarren pony trussca. 1940200044.946.9
BNSF - Apple Creek BridgeBNSF Railway over Apple CreekOpen to railroad trafficDeck plate girder--------
BNSF - Cape Rock CulvertBNSF Railway over Unnamed creekOpen to trafficStone culvert--------
BNSF - Diversion Channel BridgeBNSF Railway over Diversion ChannelOpen to traffic on the active BNSF St. Louis-Memphis railroad lineWarren through trussca. 1928------
Branch Cane Creek CR 439 BridgeCR 439 over Branch of Cane CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer--------
Brookside BridgeCR 439 over Branch of Horrell CreekRelocated and awaiting reconstructionPratt pony trussca. 1930--46.948.9
Burfordville Covered BridgeBridge over Whitewater RiverOpen to pedestrians only, except during special eventsHowe through trussca. 1867--129.9140.1
Burfordville Wooden BridgePrivate access road over minor tributary of Whitewater RiverReplaced by a concrete bridge in 2005Steel stringer1910200524.025.9
Byrd Creek BridgeMO 34 over Byrd CreekReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1932201142.7170.0
Byrd Creek CR 361 BridgeCR 361 over Byrd CreekReplaced by a concrete spanUnknownca. 19101988----
Byrd Creek CR 459 BridgeCR 459 over Byrd CreekReplaced by a concrete span; concrete abutments still visiblePony truss--1989----
Byrd Creek CR 468 BridgeCR 468 over Byrd CreekReplaced by a concrete span in 1976; stone masonry pier still visible on east bank of creekUnknown--1976----
Byrd Creek MO 72 BridgeMO 72 over Byrd CreekNo longer existsPratt through truss19232009100.0104.0
Byrd Creek Route D BridgeRoute D over Byrd CreekOpen to two-lane trafficWarren pony truss1954--89.9174.8
Cane Creek CR 343 BridgeCR 343 over Cane CreekReplaced by a deck girder spanUnknownca. 19101986----
Caney Fork BridgeCR 422 over Caney Fork CreekReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1968201149.950.9
Cape County Park Walk Bridge 25-16-aFootpath over Cape County Park South LakeOpen to pedestrians onlySteel stringer------49.0
Cape County Road 233 BridgeCR 253 over Branch of Diversion ChannelReplaced by new bridgeWarren pony truss1925200449.951.8
Cape County Road 274 BridgeCape CR 274 (Stoddard CR 302) over Drainage ditchReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1978200728.845.9
Cape County Road 279 BridgeCR 279 over Ditch No. 8Replaced with a concrete bridgeMiller & Borcherding pony trussca. 1925ca. 200344.945.9
Cape County Road 471 BridgeCR 471 over Branch Caney Fork CreekReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1918199721.023.0
Cape County Road 522 BridgeCR 522 over Branch of Shawnee CreekReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1966--34.150.8
Cape County Road 544 BridgeCR 544 over Branch of Indian CreekOpen to one-lane traffic on a paved roadSteel stringer--------
Cape Girardeau BridgeMO 34 over Mississippi RiverReplaced by Bill Emerson Memorial BridgeThrough truss19282004671.04744.3
Cape Girardeau County Road 411 BridgeCR 411 over Branch of Hughes CreekReplaced by new bridgeWarren pony truss19251988----
Conrads Mill BridgeCR 477 over Whitewater RiverReplaced by a new bridgeSlab1949201725.9117.1
Crooked Creek CR 255 BridgeCR 255 over Crooked CreekReplaced by a concrete span in 1974; site of old bridge can still be made outUnknown--1974----
Crooked Creek CR 387 BridgeCR 387 over Crooked CreekReplaced by a concrete span in 1981Unknown--1981----
Crooked Creek CR 387 BridgeCR 387 over Crooked CreekReplaced by new bridgeThrough truss18901981----
Delta Railroad BridgeCape Girardeau Southwestern Railroad over Whitewater RiverRazed when railroad line abandoned; stone piers still remainUnknown--------
Dennis Scivally BridgeFootpath over Tributary of Walker BranchOpen to pedestrians onlyClosed-spandrel arch1941------
Ditch No. 8 BridgeCR 260 over Ditch No. 8Open to one-lane traffic with an 11 ton weight limitSteel stringer1966--23.024.9
Diversion Channel CR 253 BridgeCR 253 over Diversion ChannelReplaced by a concrete span in 1993Pratt through truss--1993120.1152.9
Glastetter Branch BridgeCR 466 over Glastetter BranchReplaced by a culvertStringer--2017----
Good Hope Street OverpassGood Hope Street over Missouri Pacific RailroadReplaced by new bridgeClosed-spandrel archca. 19041996----
Gravel Hill BridgeMO 34 over Dillard CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1932--32.598.1
Heuer BridgePrivate driveway over Cape La Croix CreekOpen to private trafficWarren pony truss with alternating verticals1914------
Hubble Creek BridgeRoute Z over Hubble CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1936--41.0205.1
Hubble Creek Overflow BridgeRoute Z over Hubble Creek OverflowOpen to trafficSteel stringer1936--33.1102.0
Hughes Creek CR 506 BridgeCR 506 over Hughes CreekReplaced by a new bridgeUnknown--1974----
Hughes Creek CR 510 BridgeCR 510 over Hughes CreekReplaced by a concrete bridgeUnknown--1974----
I-55 Diversion Channel BridgeSouthbound I-55 over Diversion ChannelOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1949--150.01471.2
Independence Street BridgeIndependence Street over Cape La Croix CreekReplaced by new bridgeWarren pony truss--1986----
Indian Creek BridgeBridge over Indian CreekReplaced by a new span in 1961 when MO 177 was constructed to provide access to Trail of Tears ParkThrough truss--1961----
Kurreville BridgeBridge over Caney ForkOpen to traffic on a private laneSlab--------
Leemon BridgeCR 607 over Indian CreekReplaced by a concrete span in 1968; pair of tubular piers still visible on north bank next to current bridge on east sidePony truss--1968----
Little Flora Creek BridgeCR 635 over Little Flora CreekOpen to trafficPratt pony trussca. 1925--60.062.0
Little Whitewater CR 350 BridgeCR 350 over Little Whitewater RiverReplaced by a concrete span in 1975Unknown--1975----
Little Whitewater CR 351 BridgeCR 351 over Little Whitewater CreekReplaced by a concrete spanPratt pony trussca. 1910199980.0125.0
Lukefahr BridgeCR 472 over Whitewater RiverNo longer existsThrough trussca. 19041981220.0--
Millersville BridgeMO 72 over Whitewater RiverNo longer existsPratt through truss19242009120.0245.0
Morgan Oak Street OverpassMorgan Oak Street over Former Missouri Pacific RailroadDemolished to make room for a roundaboutClosed-spandrel archca. 19042010----
MP - Castor River Diversion Channel BridgeMissouri Pacific Railroad over Castor River Diversion ChannelNo longer in usePratt through truss1918------
Nut Junction BridgeRoute N over Castor River Diversion ChannelOpen to two-lane traffic with no posted weight limitPony/through plate girder1938--112.2261.1
Old Appleton BridgeOld Appleton Main Street over Apple CreekOpen to pedestrians and bicyclists onlyPratt through truss1879--103.0161.0
Old Cape Road BridgeOld Cape Road Circle (CR 304) over Branch of Williams CreekOpen to trafficConcrete culvert--1916----
Old US 61 ViaductOld US 61 over BNSF RailwayOpen to trafficConcrete tee beam1928--52.5148.0
Old US61 Diversion Channel BridgeUS 61 over Diversion ChannelBridge removed and never replacedParker through truss1925------
Old US61 Ramsey Branch BridgeOld US 61 (S. Kingshighway) over Ramsey BranchOpen to traffic on a dead-end paved roadWarren pony truss with alternating verticals1928--80.4176.8
Old Whitewater BridgePredecessor to Route A over Whitewater RiverReplaced by new bridgeWhipple through truss1880------
Old Whitewater-Dutchtown Road BridgeOld road between Whitewater and Dutchtown over Unnamed creekIntact but closed to all trafficClosed-spandrel arch--------
Oriole BridgeRoute V over Little Indian CreekReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1953201143.0130.9
Poor Creek BridgeOld US 61 over Poor CreekReplaced by a new bridgeUnknown--1936----
Ramsey Branch MO 74 BridgeMO 74 over Ramsey BranchReplaced by a new bridgeWarren pony truss1930200080.0147.9
Sandy Creek CR 404 BridgeCR 404 over Sandy CreekOpen to one-lane traffic on a gravel roadSteel stringer1918--24.024.0
Sandy Creek Route KK BridgeRoute KK over Sandy CreekNo longer exists, but stone abutments still visibleUnknown--1955----
Semo Port BridgeSEMO Port Railroad over Diversion ChannelOpen to railroad trafficWarren through trussca. 1930------
Sloan Creek Railroad BridgeBNSF Railway over Sloan CreekOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder1960------
South Sprigg Street BridgeSouth Sprigg Street over Cape La Croix CreekReplaced by new bridgeConcrete tee beam1920199943.043.0
Tollhouse BridgeSouth Sprigg Street over Cape La Croix CreekNo longer existsClosed-spandrel arch--------
US61 Buckeye Creek BridgeUS 61 over Buckeye CreekReplaced by a new bridgePratt pony truss1922201049.954.1
US61 Hughes Creek BridgeUS 61 over Hughes CreekDemolished May 2015Warren pony truss with all verticals1922201561.3158.1
US61 Old Appleton BridgeUS 61 over Apple CreekReplaced by a new bridgeWarren pony truss1931201190.6189.0
US61 Ramsey Creek BridgeUS 61 over Ramsey CreekReplaced by new bridgeSteel stringer1961201163.0170.9
West Main Street BridgeW. Main Street over Hubble CreekOpen to trafficSlab1930--25.979.1
Whitewater BridgeRoute A over Whitewater RiverOpen to trafficPolygonal Warren pony truss1954--120.4221.0
Whitewater River MO 34 BridgeMO 34 over Whitewater RiverReplaced by a new bridgeWarren pony truss1932201190.9354.9
Williams Creek BridgeMO 25 over Williams CreekOpen to trafficConcrete tee beam1929--47.6143.1
Wilson Road BridgeWilson Road over Cape La Croix CreekRemovedPratt pony truss--1988----