Mower County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
10th Street Bridge10th Street over Dobbins CreekOpen to trafficGirder1932--33.1100.1
12th Street Bridge12th Street over Dobbins CreekOpen to trafficSlab1953200750.9106.0
180th St BridgeTwp 19 over Little Cedar RiverOpen to trafficGirder1917--30.233.5
CGW/MILW - Dexter Crossingformer Chicago Great Western over former Milwaukee RoadDemolishedUnknown------94.0
CN - Cedar River BridgeCanadian National Railroad over Cedar RiverOpen to trafficBaltimore through truss1901--190.0290.0
CP - Oakland Avenue OverpassI & M Railroad over Oakland Ave.Open to trafficDeck plate girder--------
DM&E - Dobbins Creek BridgeDakota, Minnesota & Easterm Railway over Dobbins CreekOpen to trafficDeck plate girder----75.075.0
Dobbins Creek CrossingOakland Ave over Dobbins CreekDemolished, currently being replaced.Girder1932201638.4153.9
Driesener Park BridgeOakland Ave over Cedar RiverOpen to trafficGirder1932--42.3154.9
Lake Louise State Park BridgeState Park Road over Little Iowa RiverReplaced by a truss bridge imported from Meeker CountyPratt through truss1910201377.182.0
MILW - Cedar River Bridgeabandoned Milwaukee Road railroad over Cedar RiverAbandonedPratt through truss1886--106.0212.0
North Fork Bear Creek BridgeCR 109 over North Fork Bear CreekDeck arch1916--47.951.8
Otter Creek BridgeState Line Street over Otter CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1925--28.958.1
Roosevelt BridgeCR 29 over Cedar RiverOpen to trafficDeck arch1933--84.0178.2
Shooting Star Trail - Upper Iowa River BridgeShooting Star Trail over Upper Iowa RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyDeck plate girder1903--60.0355.0