Marshall County

Big Cypress Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Big Cypress Creek on Shar-Cal Road
Built 1905; Collapsed due to flood damage 1977
East Fork Clarks River KY 402 Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Through truss bridge over East Fork Clarks River on KY 402 (formerly KY 80)
Open to traffic
Built 1933
Eggner's Ferry Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Lost through truss bridge over Tennessee River on US 68/KY 80
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1932; one span demolished after strike from ship on January 26, 2012; reopened to traffic on May 25, 2012, demolished July 2016
George A. "Tony" Ellis Memorial Bridge   [Map]
Modern deck plate girder bridge over Tennessee River on US 62
Open to traffic
Built 2009 as part of a relocation of US 62 away from Kentucky Dam
IC - Tennessee River Bridge   [Map]
Lost Parker through truss bridge over Lake Kentucky of the Tennessee River on Illinois Central RR
No longer exists
Built 1905; Removed circa 1944
Kentucky Dam   [Map · Street View]
Dam impounding the Tennessee River
Bridge is open to local traffic with a dedicated bicycle and pedestrian path
Built between 1938 and 1944; Roadway added 1950
Luther Draffen Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Pair of steel through arch bridges over the Tennessee River on I-24
Open to traffic
Built 1974 by the Allied Structural Steel Co.
McCoy Ford Bridge   [Map]
Lost Bridge over Clarks River on McCoy Ford Bridge Road (now Castleberry Lane/Tucker Lane)
Removed but not replaced
New Eggner Ferry Bridge   [Map]
Arch bridge over Kentucky Lake on Us 68/KY80
Open to traffic
Built 2016
Old Dogtown Road Bridge   [Map]
Pratt through truss bridge over East Fork of Clarks River on Old Dogtown Road
Intact but closed to all traffic
Built 1919
PAL - Gilbertsville Hwy Bridge   [Map]
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Gilbertsville Hwy on Paducah & Louisville Rwy
PAL - New Kentucky Dam Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Polygonal Warren through truss with all verticals bridge over Tennessee River on P&L Railway
Open to traffic
Built 2009 as a replacement for the railroad tracks across Kentucky Dam
Purchase Parkway over KY 1949 Culvert   [Map · Street View]
Culvert over KY 1949 on the Purchase Parkway (I-69)
Open to traffic
Shar-Cal Road Bridge   [Map]
Lost timber stringer bridge over Shar-Cal Road on P&L Railway
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1923; rehabilitated 1956