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Kentucky & Indiana Bridge (1912)



Photo taken June 2005 by James Adorno

BH Photo #103322

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Built to replace an earlier bridge opened in 1886, the current structure was built in 1911-1912 with a vehicular deck opening in 1913. The northbound vehicular portion was closed in 1979 after a portion collapsed. Employees of the company are still allowed to use the South Bound Lane to get across the river. CSX uses the bridge today. In the past it had been used by B & O, Monon and Southern. It was built with a swing span but only opened for traffic twice. In 1955 it was permanently "Locked down" and fixed shut. The bridge is 100 ft above river pool level.

Each of the two main Pennsylvania truss spans weighs approximately 4,400 tons and is 110' deep at its center.


Through truss railroad bridge over Ohio River between Louisville and New Albany
Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, and Floyd County, Indiana
Open to railroad traffic
Built 1912; Interurban traffic ends 1946; road deck partially collapsed and closed to northbound traffic. Company employees can use southbound lane.
- American Bridge Co. of New York
- Foster-Creighton-Gould Co. of Nashville, Tennessee
- Interurban
- Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad (K&IT)
- New Albany & Louisville Electric Railway (NA&L)
- Norfolk Southern Railway (NS)
Pennsylvania through truss w swing
North to south
Riveted, 6-panel Warren deck truss with all verticals, 150'
Riveted, 10-panel Baltimore through truss span, 275'
Riveted, 12-panel Baltimore through truss pivot span, 400' (2 173' openings)
Pin-connected, 18-panel Pennsylvania through truss span, 620'
Riveted, 12-panel Baltimore through truss, 373'
Pin-connected, 18-panel Pennsylvania through truss span, 620'
Riveted, 10-panel Baltimore through truss span, 275'
Deck plate girder approach viaduct, 1,281.3'
Length of largest span: 620.0 ft.
Total length: 2,713.0 ft. (0.5 mi.)
Deck width: 70.0 ft.
Also called
K&IT - Ohio River Bridge
New Ohio River Bridge
K&I Bridge
Approximate latitude, longitude
+38.28124, -85.80079   (decimal degrees)
38°16'52" N, 85°48'03" W   (degrees°minutes'seconds")
Approximate UTM coordinates
16/604885/4237700 (zone/easting/northing)
Quadrangle map:
New Albany
Inventory number
BH 18829 (Bridgehunter.com ID)

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Kentucky & Indiana Bridge (1912)
Posted July 11, 2021, by Michael Dodson (midodson2009 [at] gmail [dot] com)

As an Indiana kid in the 50s my father would drive us across the bridge to visit grandparents in Louisville. My mother hated the bridge but my brother and I were always excited to see a train. I have vivid memories of the open grid and noise made by the old 56 Chevy going across. I now wish we had taken photos,.. but thanks for the memories in these pics.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge (1912)
Posted December 30, 2020, by Anonymous

I wonder what the width of each vehicular lane is?

K&TI - Ohio River Bridge
Posted June 30, 2014, by J.P. (wildcatjon2000 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Bridge ties currently on fire. Not sure of structure damage.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted March 9, 2013, by Mike Page (mike [dot] page [at] hotmail [dot] com)

I'm not sure what all this entails, whether good or bad.

Condemnation suit could be pursued in effort to force opening K&I Bridge to walkers, bicyclists


Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted January 4, 2013, by James McCray (jamesinslocomb [at] yahoo [dot] com)

This bridge used to be the original alignment of US 31 into Louisville from New Albany, Indiana. US 31 was realigned onto the 2nd Street Bridge when it opened, however the K and I bridge remained opened until a truck caused some minor damage to the decking in the 70's.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted October 24, 2011, by Scott E Latoski (selski66 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

As a railfan that has photographed this bridge in the past, just wanted to highlight an error in the description. This bridge is owned by Norfolk Southern, not CSX. You can see this in photo 13 of 27, if you enlarge it and look at the NO TRESPASSING sign, it shows NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP under the words NO TRESPASSING. The southbound tracks lead directly into NS' Youngtown Yard in Louisville.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted September 24, 2011, by Tom Hoffman (tehoffm [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Whether or not the Sherman Minton Bridge would reopen, I don't know if this bridge would be reopened to permanent vehicle traffic or not. The vehicle lanes look extremely narrow and if your car broke down on the bridge, not only would tie-ups be created, a tow truck would have to back up for quite a distance to get to your car. I'd say if the north lane could be repaired and the vehicle lanes could be repaired for light traffic, have this bridge ready for light traffic in case the Sherman Minton bridge has to be closed whether for an accident or a failed inspection. Lets hope the following doesn't happen.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted September 21, 2011, by James McCray (jamesinslocomb [at] yahoo [dot] com)

A Facebook fan page has recently been created for this bridge. See http://www.facebook.com/pages/Open-KI-Bridge/245436108834787...

Click "like" to join it.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted September 20, 2011, by J.P.

Ed, You had a dream, and now it might be coming true. They are looking at the idea. Here is a link. Trying to decide if I would actually drive on it or not.


Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted September 10, 2011, by Ed Hollowell (erhollowell [at] aol [dot] com)

Maybe they will reopen the bridge to help with traffic while the I-64 bridge is closed! (yea, I know that not practical, but I can dream..)

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted January 13, 2011, by Dennis

I once had a photograph of this bridge while it was open..

It was posted in the Louisville Times/Courier Journal Newspaper... I have since NEVER seen a photo of this before or since.. Would love to have it again,,

Also I two was told it was only ever opened twice however I just fould this:The bridge also featured a rotating swing span opening for the passage of ships in high water. The bridge was only opened four times, twice for testing in 1913 and 1915, then in 1916 for the passage of the steamer "Tarascon" and in 1920 for passage of the Australian convict ship "Success". In 1948 it refused opening of the span for passage of the steamer "Gordon & Green" citing inconvenience and costs of cutting power and communication lines, an action for which K&I and LG&E both paid damages to that ship's company. In 1955 the K&I sought and received permission to permanently tie down the swing span from the Corps of Engineers.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted November 5, 2010, by J.P.

This bridge was struck by a runaway barge a couple years back. here is a photo link i found.


Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted June 30, 2010, by J.P.

found a way down below this bridge and took some photos of the swing span.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted August 9, 2009, by Jim Lueken (lueken [at] bellsouth [dot] net)

This bridge (K&I) was built(and re-built) with a swing span near the Indiana side. The idea being that the span could be turned 90 degress and that would allow boat passage during high water. It was only opened twice. Once during testing and once for it's intended use. The swing span was manually operated with lever and gears in a 'turret' assembly still visible on one pier. I could provide a photo if anyone cares to see it. Jim

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted August 7, 2007, by Valla Ann Bolovschak (vallarina [at] insightbb [dot] com)

The above mentioned article states the bridge name as the Kentucky/Illinois Bridge. That is incorrect. It's the Kentucky/Indiana Bridge or more commonly referred to as the K and I. My e-mail address is wrong in that posting as well. Thank you to a local author who brought this to my attention.

Valla Ann Bolovschak


Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted May 7, 2007, by james mccray (jamesinslocomb [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Making this bridge into a pedestrian bridge would be wonderful idea. It already has lanes that can be used for walkways, and it would complement the Big Four Bridge, which is currently being converted into a pedestrian bridge upstream. A wonderful idea is to link all bridges with walking/bike/hiking trails on both sides of the river. Please tell me of current plans for the use of the K and I Bridge.

Kentucky & Indiana Bridge
Posted December 27, 2006, by Jim Miles (JammingATsprintmail [dot] com)

Another worthwhile bridge, this had gratings that you could see the river through and several pull-over spots, if I remember correctly for the single lane on each side. The pull-over spots were to keep traffic moving in case of accident or breakdown, I have ridden over this bridge in a car, my father driving. Conversion of this bridge for bike and pedestrians would make a great idea and the wider spots would make great overlooks or picnicking areas.