Bell County

17th Street Wilderness Road Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Through truss bridge over Yellow Creek on 17th Street (also known as Wildnerness Road, also old U.S. 25-E)) in Middlesborough
Open to traffic
Built ca. 1890
19th Street Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Closed spandrel concrete arch bridge skewed 45 degrees over Yellow Creek on 19th Street in Middlesboro
Open to traffic
Built 1943
Clear Creek Bridge   [Map]
Arch bridge over Clear Creek
Open to traffic
Built 1935
Clear Creek Fitness Trail Tunnel   [Map]
Tunnel on Clear Creek Fitness Trail (Former L&N RR)
Open to pedestrian traffic
Cumberland Gap Tunnel   [Map · Street View]
Twin-bore tunnel under Cumberland Mountain on US 25-E at Cumberland Gap
Open to four lanes of traffic
Constructed started 1991; opened to traffic Oct. 18, 1996
Green Hoskins Road Bridge   [Map]
Timber stringer bridge over Csx Rr Over Ky 1534 on Green Hoskins Road
Open to traffic
Built 1940
Ky-1534 Bridge   [Map]
Steel stringer bridge over Ky-1534 on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic
Built 1911
Pine Street Bridge   [Map]
Lost Open-spandrel arch bridge over Cumberland River on Pine Street
Built 1929 by the Luten Bridge Company; demolished and replaced 1985
State Route 2014 Bridge   [Map]
Lost Warren through truss bridge over Cumberland River on State Route 2014
Bridge has been replaced.
Built 1873 by the Louisville Bridge and Iron Co.; replaced 1993
Wallsend Bridge   [Map]
Lost Warren through truss with alternating verticals bridge over Cumberland River on Tennessee Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge
Built ca. 1880's, Replaced by new bridge in 1986
West Cumberland Ave Over Yellow Creek   [Map]
Concrete culvert bridge over Yellow Creek on West Cumberland Avenue
Open to traffic
Built 1949