Ballard County

Bone Branch Bridge   [Map]
Culvert bridge over Bone Branch on Ky-1105
Open to traffic
Built 1951
Branch of Clanton Creek Bridge   [Map]
Culvert over a branch of Clanton Creek on KY 473
Open to traffic
Built 1950
Cairo Ohio River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Cantilevered through truss over the Ohio River on US 51/60/62 between Cairo, Illinois and Wickliffe, Kentucky
Open to two-lane traffic
Built 1937; rehabilitated 1979
CN - Cairo Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Through truss bridge over the Ohio River carrying the Canadian National Railway (former Illinois Central Railroad) in Cairo
Open to railroad traffic
Built 1949-52, replacing the original bridge
Holloway Road Trestle   [Map]
Lost wooden trestle on the Canadian National Railroad (formerly Illinois Central) over Cairo-Holloway Road
Replaced by a new bridge
IC - Cairo Railroad Bridge   [Map]
Lost through and deck truss bridge over the Ohio River carrying the Illinois Central Railroad in Cairo
Replaced by the current bridge, reusing many of the piers in the process
Built 1889 under engineer George S. Morison; replaced 1949-52
KY-1105 Over Unnamed Stream   [Map]
Culvert over Unnamed Stream on KY-1105
Paper Mill Overpass   [Map · Street View]
Pony/through plate girder bridge over US 51 on paper mill access road
Open to traffic above and below
Built 1968
Stovall Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost wooden deck bridge over Stovall Creek on Herschel Jones Road
Replaced following collapse
Built 1961
Unname Stream Bridge   [Map]
Culvert bridge over Unname Stream on Ky-1105
Open to traffic
Built 1951