Jersey County

Brussels Ferry   [Map · Street View]
Ferry across Illinois River
open to traffic but expect seasonal delays due to ice on the river
C&A - Piasa Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Piasa Creek on Chicago & Alton Railroad
Chautauqua Park Ave Bridge   [Map]
Private bridge for resort community.
Elsah Bridge   [Map]
Kingpost pony truss bridge over Tributary to Mississippi River on Mill Street in Elsah
Open to traffic
Rebuilt 1984
Elsah Stone Bridge   [Map]
Steel stringer bridge over creek on private drive
Open to pedestrians
Gaither Bridge   [Map]
Bridge over Unnamed creek on Nutwood Road
Open to traffic
Built 1924
Giberson Bridge
Girder bridge
Built 1908
Grafton Ferry   [Map]
Toll ferry across Mississippi River.
open to seasonal toll traffic. Operating hours 10A to 10P Mon-Sat; 8A to 8P Sun.
Opened 2003 as a toll ferry.
Grafton Small Stone Arch Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned stone arch bridge
Grafton Stone Arch Bridge   [Map]
Stone arch bridge over Mason Hollow on Private drive off Mason Hollow Road
Ingham Bridge   [Map]
Concrete bridge over Piasa Creek on Gotter Road (TR 137), 0.8 mi. west of Brighton
Replaced by new bridge
Built 1926; replaced 2007
KCS - Piasa Creek Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Concrete Encased Stone Arch bridge over Piasa Creek on Kansas City Southern Railway
Open to traffic
Built 1881, Stabalized 1904 and 1911, Encased 1918
Keller Tunnel
Lost Tunnel on defunct Wabash Railroad in Elsah
Built 1881 for Wabash Railroad. Filled in after line was abandoned.
Kemper Road Bridge   [Map]
Concrete bridge over a branch of Macoupin Creek on Kemper Road (CH 3), 1.2 mi. north of Fidelity
Open to traffic
Built 1926
Otter Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost through truss bridge over Otter Creek on TR 94, 1.8 mi. west of Otterville
No longer exists
Built 1957; replaced 2003
Otter Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost Pony truss bridge over Otter Creek on TR 81
Replaced by new bridge
Built 1901
Phils Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost pony truss bridge over Phils Creek on Bowman Station Road (TR 69)
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1901; replaced 2003
Phils Creek Bridge   [Map]
Pony truss bridge over Phils Creek on TR 19
Built 1901
RI - Macoupin Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Macoupin Creek on formerly Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad
Removed but not replaced
Built 1851, Removed in the 1980's
RI - Macoupin Creek Tributary Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned bridge over unnamed Macoupin creek tributary on formerly Rock Island Railroad
Built 1914
Shaw Hollow Rd Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Bridge over Un-named Strem on Shaw Hollw Rd
Open to traffic
Stagecoach Road Bridge   [Map]
Through truss bridge over Piasa Creek on Stagecoach Road (TR 154)
Closed to traffic
Trib Macoupin Creek Bridge   [Map]
Bridge over Trib Macoupin Creek on TR 17
Open to traffic
Built 1928
Trib To Otter Creek Bridge   [Map]
Slab bridge over Trib To Otter Creek on Ill 100
Open to traffic
Built 1938
Wabash - Askew Creek Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned stone arch bridge over Askew Creek on Abandoned Wabash Railroad