Madison County

Canyon Creek Bridge   [Map]
Deck truss bridge over Canyon Creek on ID 33
Built 1932; bypassed 2006
EIRR - Lorenzo Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Warren through truss with all verticals bridge over Snake River on Eastern Idaho Railroad (EIRR)
Open to traffic
EIRR - Ririe Bridge (A)   [Map]
Two-span Pegram through truss bridge over Snake River on the Eastern Idaho Railroad - East Belt Branch
Open to traffic
Built 1894 as five-span bridge at Nyssa, Oregon; two-spans relocated here 1914
North Fork Teton River Bridge   [Map]
Lost pony truss bridge over North Fork Teton River on Walker Road
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1930; replaced 2015
UP - Menan Pegram Truss   [Map]
Lost Pegram through truss bridge over Snake River on Union Pacific Railroad
Destroyed by flooding
Built 1894 at Nyssa, Oregon; Relocated here 1914; Destroyed by flooding due to the failure of the Teton Dam June 5, 1976