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Rogers Bridge


Facing Into The Bridge

Photo taken by James Gonzalski in December 2007


BH Photo #113936

Street View 


Abandoned through truss bridge over Chattahoochee River on former Rogers Bridge Road (now carries a pipeline) in Johns Creek
Johns Creek, Fulton County, Georgia, and Gwinnett County, Georgia
Removed and replaced with a $7.2M pedestrian truss bridge with a few design similarities to the historic bridge (but NOT a replica as advertised!)
Future prospects
10 tons of steel from the bridge to be re-purposed as "art".
Originally bridged Milton and Gwinnett counties.
Pin-connected Pennsylvania through truss
Length of largest span: 228.0 ft.
Total length: 328.0 ft.
Approximate latitude, longitude
+34.02988, -84.14111   (decimal degrees)
34°01'48" N, 84°08'28" W   (degrees°minutes'seconds")
Approximate UTM coordinates
16/763960/3769156 (zone/easting/northing)
Quadrangle map:
Inventory number
BH 36592 (Bridgehunter.com ID)

Update Log 

  • April 15, 2022: Updated by Nathan Holth: Edited description to clarify that the "replica" advertised by Duluth isn't a replica.
  • April 13, 2022: New Street View added by Dave King
  • April 13, 2022: Updated by David Eike: Bridge has been removed, with portions salvaged for "art"
  • March 24, 2021: New photo from Ben Tate
  • March 24, 2021: Updated by James Gonzalski: Updated future prospects - scheduled for demolition.
  • April 5, 2017: Updated by Andy Peters: adds detail proposed rehab; adds bridge length
  • May 1, 2008: Added by James Gonzalski


  • James Gonzalski
  • Andy Peters - anpete1971 [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Ben Tate - benji5221 [at] yahoo [dot] com
  • David Eike
  • Dave King - DKinghawkfan [at] hotmail [dot] com
  • Nathan Holth
  • Project Website - This webpage has renderings of the replacement bridge showing gusset plate connections, not pin connections, clear evidence that the replacement is NOT a replica.


Rogers Bridge
Posted April 15, 2022, by Tony Dillon (spansaver [at] hotmail [dot] com)

This is akin to Ohio demolishing historic metal truss spans and replacing them with modern covered ones.

A reckless waste of taxpayer dollars, and the unnecessary loss of a landmark.

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 15, 2022, by Nathan Holth (webmaster [at] historicbridges [dot] org)

The replacement will NOT be a replica. I realize the city calls it a replica but such statements are untrue on the part of the city. Please see my discussion I added. https://historicbridges.org/bridges/browser/?bridgebrowser=g...

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 13, 2022, by David M. Eike (eikes [at] sbcglobal [dot] net)

Art project moves forward with new replica pedestrian bridge under construction.


Rogers Bridge
Posted October 12, 2021, by Nathan Holth (webmaster [at] historicbridges [dot] org)

Absolutely disgusting... they wasted how much money doing a NONDESTRUCTIVE pick of this bridge and now they are just going to scrap it?! What a waste. At the very least, this bridge should be left on the ground as an exhibit.


Rogers Bridge
Posted June 21, 2021, by David Eike (eikes [at] sbcglobal [dot] net)

"Construction" update: Looks like the pipe is off the bridge. Counties plan to split the carcass between them for "art".


Rogers Bridge
Posted March 24, 2021, by Tony Dillon (spansaver [at] hotmail [dot] com)

It's a real shame they don't see the value in rehabbing the historic bridge like we do in Indiana, and some other states.

Restored 1903 Secrest Ferry Bridge

Rogers Bridge
Posted March 24, 2021, by James Gonzalski

Per this AJC article, looks like demolition of this bridge will start on Monday, March 29, 2021 and then construction will begin on a "replica" for non-motorized use. https://www.ajc.com/news/atlanta-news/rebuild-of-historic-ro...

Can't believe I took these pictures and shared them here almost 15 years ago.

Rogers Bridge
Posted August 3, 2020, by Jonathan Kothenbeutel (Jonkothenbeutel [at] aol [dot] com )

The counties or private individuals built the bridges such as Jones Bridge. The ones abandoned were either built by the counties or by a private individual that ran them as toll bridge.

Over time the population grew and the State of Georgia built new bridges to replace these.

In the case of Jones Bridge both counties abandoned maintaining it. Which the old Jones Bridge no longer exists.

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 7, 2017, by Tony Dillon (spansaver [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Not sure what they did to inflate the cost of the best option (#1), but I tend to agree with Matt that they are deceiving the public!

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 6, 2017, by Joel Wyman (jwyman2242 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Demolishing this bridge should not be an option as it accomplishes nothing but wasting tax payer money and eliminating yet another beautiful historical and rare structure.

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 5, 2017, by Matt Lohry

Did you also notice that the best option is also shown to be the most expensive, probably to deceive the public into thinking that it's actually true, so they can have an excuse to demolish the old bridge??

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 5, 2017, by Robert Elder (robertelder1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

The first option would be great. I noticed that two of the options involve demolishing this bridge. That would be an unfortunate outcome.

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 5, 2017, by David Eike (eikes [at] sbcglobal [dot] net)

Additional reporting with renderings of all four options being proposed.


Rogers Bridge
Posted April 5, 2017, by Andy Peters (anpete1971 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Engineers present Rogers Bridge rehabilitation concepts in Duluth


Rogers Bridge
Posted January 15, 2016, by Julie Bowers (jbowerz1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

That is so weird.

Workin' Bridges was just contacted yesterday about collaborating on replying to the RFP for the future of this bridge, and here is a new photo. Thank you. The bridge has some issues, section loss at the eye bars, the conduit that ate stringers, other typical stuff, but for the purpose of pedestrians, we always suggest keeping it in place. The initial $1.1 million engineer study cost, is probably a bit on the high side for the approach and bridge, but we haven't run any numbers. We also haven't decided if we are putting our minds and backs to it. The big Atlanta engineering firms are on the case .... but if we can find just the right one to collaborate with, well one never knows. Anybody know anybody?

Rogers Bridge
Posted January 14, 2016, by PJ Martin

Here is a picture that I took last week standing on the Gwinnett County side. It's so grown up now that if you didn't know where it's located, you will almost miss it.

Rogers Bridge
Posted February 16, 2014, by Dave

Yes, the bridge still stands - and looks exactly like the photo on this page. The area around the bridge on the Duluth side is basically open park land (think, running around and throwing Frisbees). There's also a couple of picnic tables and a grill.

Rogers Bridge
Posted September 24, 2013, by Teresa

Is the Rogers Bridge still over the river? I am a descendant of the Rogers. Yes, they were married to the Cordery sisters and their mother was an indian, Susannah Sonicooie. She and her husband had a trading post and she last lived in Old Town Suwanee.

Rogers Bridge
Posted November 12, 2012, by Frank (Frank [at] mailinator [dot] com)
Rogers Bridge
Posted November 12, 2012, by Frank (Frank [at] mailinator [dot] com)

Couple of clarifications: this bridge connects Gwinnett county to present day city of johns creek, fulton county. Alpharetta is several miles to the west. Just because your mail is from alpharetta does not mean you are located in that city. When the bridge was built, north fulton county was milton county. That changed in 1932 when milton co was taken over by Fulton co. Cherokee county took parts of milton co to the west and north. The pipeline is carrying water. If you put your ear to it you can hear water flowing.

Rogers Bridge
Posted December 23, 2010, by Swamp Angel (cmtullis [at] gmail [dot] com)

John and William Rogers were both half-Cherokee. They were forced to Oklahoma with so many others that were displaced by the federal government, but returned a few years after their emigration from Gwinnett county to sue for the rightful ownership of their property. (They were not only half-Cherokee, but also half-white, thus they had some standing and claim to US citizenship that not all the ousted Cherokee had.)

I am interested in more of the history of this bridge. Particularly, when was the pipeline added? It appears that the bridge had already been abandoned when it was utilized for a pipeline crossing. And what type of pipeline is this? It appears to be a natural gas transmission line, but I am unaware of any compressor stations or regulator stations in the area. Of course, I haven't been walking any right-of-way in the area so it's entirely possible that I just haven't been in the right place to see them.

In the words of Johnny-Five from the movie "Short Circuit":

"Must have more information. Need more input!"

. . .and. . .

"No disassemble!"

I am very interested in the history of the area from Adena, Woodland Indian eras to the present. Anything else anyone may add would be very helpful.

Rogers Bridge
Posted December 1, 2010, by Dave (david (at) tttc (dot) com)

John Rogers (1774-1851) operated a ferry here in the early 1800s. He lived on the west side of the river (Cherokee County, back then) until he moved to Oklahoma (Trail of Tears - I can't remember now, but I believe either he or his wife was half Cherokee). He later moved back to Sheltonville (present day Johns Creek) and set a precedent by successfully suing to reclaim his land. His home still stands near Bell Road and Rogers Circle. His brother, William, was the great grandfather (maybe two greats?) of Will Rogers. Yes, THE Will Rogers.

John Rogers was also a respected and influential plantation owner and a colleague of President Andrew Jackson.

The city of Duluth maintains the Rogers Bridge Park on the east side of the old bridge - I really wish they would put up a plaque in remembrence of the namesake.

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 23, 2010, by Rachel (raquellium [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Super cool historic bridge. The interesting part is on one side is Peachtree Industrial Blvd (crazy busy during rush hour) and on the other is Boles Road - a direct connection to 141 (also crazy busy during rush hour). With minimal work, this bridge could become a thru-way from Peachtree Industrial to 141 and help relieve the bumper-to-bumper traffic on both Abbott's Bridge and McGinnis Ferry. Alpharetta is growing too fast for its own good, and this seems like a quick fix for some of the monstrous traffic backlash the city has been facing. No idea what kinds of permits would be needed. Also wouldn't want the history to be destroyed - if there is history. I don't know the significance of the bridge. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else does!

Rogers Bridge
Posted April 14, 2009, by Steven Caldwell (bassmansc [at] aol [dot] com)

I had driven down Rogers Bride Rd. to look at the housing and came across the bridge.

Something about old structures that facinate me.

I'd like to know when the bridge was built and why it was abandoned.

Anyway; It's drawn me to it.