Lost 2022

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Abandoned Fox River Bridge (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
Bridge over Fox RIver on WSOR (abandoned)
Lost in late 2021 or early 2022

Cache Creek Bridge (1930) (Yolo County, California)
Built 1930, closed 2009; currently being replaced 2022
Culvert bridge over Cache Creek on CR 40
Open to pedestrians only

Caddo Lake LA 1 Bridge (Caddo Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1940
Nine-span pony truss bridge over Caddo Lake on LA 1 near Mooringsport
Being Replaced by a new bridge

Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Fishel Road Overpass (Linn County, Iowa)
Built 1914; struck by garbage truck and collapsed January 2022; repaired and reopened May 2022
Steel stringer bridge over Fishel Road on Cedar Valley Nature Trail
Destroyed by collision

CR 217 Saugahatchee Creek Bridge (Lee County, Alabama)
Built 1959
Pratt pony truss bridge over Sougahatchee Creek on CR 217
Replaced by a new bridge

DCLR - Lewes Creek Swing Bridge (Sussex County, Delaware)
Built 1916; Closed 2016; Abandoned 2017, To be relocated onto land 2022
Deck plate girder swing bridge formerly over Intracoastal Waterway on Delaware Coast Line RR
In process of relocation for display and preservation

Fern Hollow Bridge (1973) (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1970 to replace a steel arch bridge; collapsed January 28, 2022
Lost Batter-Post steel rigid frame bridge over Fern Hollow Creek on Forbes Avenue

Grant Street Bridge (Mercer County, West Virginia)
Built 1941
Lost Warren through truss bridge over NS Railroad on Grant Street in Bluefield

Ingalls Creek Bridge (Polk County, Missouri)
Built 1954
Lost Culvert bridge over Ingalls Creek on Route HH
Replaced by a new bridge

Island Road Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Lost pony truss bridge over Tributary of Merrimack River on Island Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Keeney Creek 73rd Street Bridge (Ray County, Missouri)
Built ca. 1930
Pony truss bridge over Keeney Creek on W. 73rd Street
Removed but not replaced

Lewis Bridge (Ohio County, West Virginia)
Built 1937; replaced 2022
Lost Steel stringer bridge over Little Wheeling Creek on Us Route 40
Replaced by a new bridge

Lewis Creek Bridge (Linn County, Missouri)
Built 1933
Lost Steel stringer bridge over Lewis Creek on Mo 139 S
Replaced by a new bridge

Lock 21 Bridge (Oneida County, New York)
Built 1912; rehabilitated 1954
Warren pony truss with alternating verticals bridge over Erie Barge Canal on Former Lock Road
Closed to all traffic

Mozingo Branch Bridge (Nodaway County, Missouri)
Built 1926; rehabilitated 1940; Replaced 2022
Concrete tee beam bridge over Mozingo Branch on US 136
Replaced by a new bridge

Muddy Creek Old US 65 Bridge (Pettis County, Missouri)
Built 1924 by contractor M.E. Gillioz
Through truss bridge over Muddy Creek on Claycomb Road (Old US 65) north of Sedalia

Old Charles Street Bridge (St. Charles County, Missouri)
Lost Bridge over Crooked Creek
Replaced by a new bridge

Rainbow Road Bridge (Benton County, Missouri)
Built in 1913 by the Kansas City Bridge Co.; closed to traffic Feb. 2014
Lost Pony Truss bridge over South Flat Creek on Rainbow Road
Replaced by a new bridge

RCPE - N. Fork Bad River Bridge (Haakon County, South Dakota)
Built Ca. 1885 at an unknown location, moved here Ca. 1930; Destroyed by derailment 2022
Double-intersection Warren pony truss bridge over N. Fork Bad River on Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad
Destroyed by collision

Shell Rock River Crossing (Floyd County, Iowa)
Built 1938; replaced 2022
Lost Haunched deck plate girder Bridge over Shell Rock River on 180th Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Thompson Run Road Bridge (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Built 1952
Pony truss bridge over Thompson Run on Thompson Run Road
Demolished in March 2022 and will replaced by a new bridge.

UP - Trinity River Bridge (Liberty) (Liberty County, Texas)
Built 1919
Through truss bridge over Trinity River on Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

West Branch Wallis Run Bridge (Lycoming County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1920; replaced 2022
Lost Stone arch bridge over West Branch Wallis Run on Kelly Road (T-635)
Replaced by a new bridge

Wittpenn Bridge (1930) (Hudson County, New Jersey)
Built 1930; rehabilitated 1957; demolished in 2022
Lost vertical lift bridge over Hackensack River on NJ 7 in Jersey City