Lost 1864

LN - Cumberland Swing Bridge (1858) (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Built 1858; Burned 1864
McCallum through truss over Cumberland River on Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Destroyed by fire

New River Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Bridge (Pulaski County, Virginia)
Built ca1855, burned by Union Forces 1864
Lost Through truss bridge over New River on V&TRR
Destroyed by fire

Pontoon Bridge (Morgan County, Alabama)
Built in 1864 for the Union Army
Lost Pontoon bridge over Tennessee River
No longer exists

Queenston-Lewiston Suspension Bridge (1st) (Niagara County, New York)
Begun in 1850, opened March 20, 1851 lost due to high wind after temporary removal of guy wires Feb. 3, 1864
Lost Wire suspension bridge over Niagara River on road
Destroyed by severe weather