CTA - Chicago 'L' (Cook County, Illinois)
Built in stages 1892 to 2021. CTA created October 1, 1947 by combining all previous rapid transit lines.
Viaduct and tunnel system across entire City of Chicago on Chicago Transit Authority
Open to traffic

Eagle Avenue Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1930-31 by the Strobel Steel Construction Co.; rehabilitated 1991; closed 2005
Vertical lift bridge over Cuyahoga River on Eagle Avenue
Intact but closed to all traffic

PRCo - Spruce Run Viaduct (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Lost Warren deck truss with alternating verticals bridge over Spruce Run on Pittsburgh Railways Co
Replaced by a new bridge

Ruthon Point Viaduct (Hood River County, Oregon)
Built 1918
Concrete tee beam bridge on Formerly US 30
Intact but closed to all traffic

Spalding Viaduct (Nez Perce County, Idaho)
Concrete T-beam bridge over Camas Prairie RailNet on Johnson Road
Intact but closed to all traffic