Town lattice portal bracing

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"Flying" Bridge (Chickasaw County, Iowa)
Built 1876 in Otterville, IA. Moved to Fredericksburg, IA in 1998.
Pratt through truss bridge over East Wapsipinicon River on Robert Mattke Park Trail
Open to pedestrians

3 Rivers Trail - Gotch Park Bridge (Humboldt County, Iowa)
Built 1901, converted for trail use in 1991
Through truss bridge over East Fork Des Moines River on the Three Rivers Bike Trail at Gotch Park near Humboldt
Open to pedestrians and bicyclists only

Bunker Mill Bridge (Washington County, Iowa)
Built 1887; M-frame portal bracing was added to the Town Lattice portal bracing in 1909.; Closed to traffic in 2003; Damaged by arson in 2013; Restored 2013-2017
Pratt through truss bridge over English River on Nutmeg Avenue
Open to pedestrians only

Cedar Avenue Bridge (Old) (Dakota County, Minnesota)
Built 1890, removed in 1980 shortly after the current bridge was built.
Lost Through truss bridge over Minnesota River on Cedar Avenue

Chestnut Ford Bridge (Dallas County, Iowa)
Built 1900, Removed 1975(?)
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Des Moines River on Zook Spur Road/145th Lane
Removed but not replaced

Chimney Rock Bridge (Winneshiek County, Iowa)
Built 1906 by the Continental Bridge Co. Relocated here in 1952- is the first bridge built at this location.
Through truss bridge over Upper Iowa River on Chimney Rock Road
Closed to all traffic

Crooked Creek Bridge (Washington County, Iowa)
Built 1895
Through truss bridge over Crooked Creek on Orange Avenue
Closed to all traffic

English River Bridge (Washington County, Iowa)
Built 1886
Through truss bridge over English River on Hickory Avenue
Closed to all traffic

K&W - Nodaway River Bridge (Page County, Iowa)
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Nodaway River on Keokuk & Western Railroad
Removed but not replaced

Kellogg Bridge (Jasper County, Iowa)
Built 1898; rehabilitated 1975, demolished 2014
Through truss bridge over North Skunk River on Ridge Road in Kellogg

Lewis Street Bridge (Humboldt County, Iowa)
Built 1906, closed in the 70s, demolished 1981
Lost two-span through truss bridge over West Fork Des Moines River on Lewis Street in Humboldt
No longer exists

Meadow Road Bridge (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built 1897 by the Groton Bridge Co..; Bypassed in 1984; Two center spans removed from river and placed on banks in 2004
Pin connected Pratt through truss bridge over Androscoggin River in Shelburne
Closed to all traffic

Saulsbury Bridge (Muscatine County, Iowa)
Built 1881; Closed to vehicular traffic 1967; Converted to pedestrian use 1976; Partially lost in accidental fire March 26, 1977
Pinned Pratt through truss over Cedar River on Saulsbury Bridge Recreation Area Fishing Pier
Open to pedestrians

Upper Bluffton Bridge (Winneshiek County, Iowa)
Built 1878 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.; rehabilitated in 2001; closed to traffic in 2009; queenpost span now private property, through truss span is gone
Through truss bridge over Upper Iowa River on W. Ravine Road
Queenpost span is relocated to a nearby property to be used as a driveway; through truss span was scrapped.

Wapsi-Great Western Line Trail - Wapsipinicon River Tributary Bridge (Mitchell County, Iowa)
Built in 1887; relocated to this spot in 1993 and has served the bike trail ever since
Pratt through truss bridge over Unnamed Wapsipinicon River Tributary on Wapsi Great Western Bike Trail
Open to traffic

White Breast Creek Bridge (Marion County, Iowa)
Built 1947, washed out by flooding in April 2013
Lost through truss bridge over White Breast Creek on 92nd Avenue
Lost to flooding in April 2013

Wolf Creek E Avenue Bridge (Tama County, Iowa)
Built 1895; rehabilitated 1980
Through truss bridge over Wolf Creek on E Avenue