Roof Truss

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Broad Run Bridge (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Pony truss bridge over Broad Run Creek on a private driveway
Open to traffic on a private driveway

East Park Bridge (Franklin County, Iowa)
Built 2007
Truss bridge over Squaw Creek on Walkway
Open to pedestrians only

East Side Park Pedestrian Bridge (Daviess County, Indiana)
Pedestrian Bridge
Open to pedestrians only

Ellen Trout Park Bridges (Angelina County, Texas)
Through truss bridge over City Lake on Railroad and Pedestrian Path
Open to traffic

Kent Park Roof Truss Bridge (Johnson County, Iowa)
Roof truss bowstring bridge on a trail at F.W. Kent County Park
Open to pedestrians

Lake Cheston Bridge (Franklin County, Tennessee)
Truss bridge over Lake Cheston on Walking Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Rice Island Footbridge (Harrison County, Indiana)
Pony truss bridge over Little Indian Creek on a pedestrian walkway
Open to pedestrians only