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This category is for listing bridges that have one or more spans that can be removed manually (such as using a crane mobilized to the bridge) whether for passage by boats or for flood related concerns. Standard movable bridges than can operate via an on-site hand-turned mechanism or via electric power should NOT be listed here. currently does not have a movable category for pontoon bridges. For now, please list movable pontoon bridges as swing bridges as the movement of a pontoon bridge is similar to a swing bridge.

BNSF - Wisconsin River Bridge (Crawford County, Wisconsin)
Built 1908;
Deck plate girder bridge over Wisconsin River on BNSF Railway
Open to traffic

Coquille River Bridge (Coos County, Oregon)
Built 1986
Removable span bridge over Coquille River on OR 42S in Coquille
Open to traffic

Frisco - Lake City Bridge (Craighead County, Arkansas)
Bridge over St. Francis River on St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad

Hopkins Bridge (Dunklin County, Missouri)
Lost Steel stringer bridge over St Francis River on State Route 25
Replaced by a new bridge

Kissimmee River Bridge (Highlands County, Florida)
Built 1953
Removable bridge over Kissimmee River on US-98 (FL 700)
Open to traffic

Lock & Dam 14 Access Bridge (Scott County, Iowa)
Pratt pony truss bridge over Auxiliary Lock/Mississippi River on Access Road
Open to Corps of Engineers traffic

Pacific Coast Highway Anaheim Bay Bridge (Old) (Orange County, California)
Built 1933; replaced 1967
Lost bridge over Anaheim Bay on CA 1 (Pacific Coast Highway)
No longer exists

Skipanon River Bridge (Clatsop County, Oregon)
Built 1929
Steel stringer bridge over Skipanon River on OR-104 Spur (Old US-101)
Open to traffic

Walluski River Bridge (Clatsop County, Oregon)
Built 1980
Removable span bridge over Walluski River on OR-202
Open to traffic

Woodward Island Bridge (2019) (San Joaquin County, California)
Built 2019, replacing Woodward Island Ferry
Bridge over Middle River on Woodward Island Levee Road
Open to traffic