Rail Truss

Truss bridge made out of railroad rails

Adams Street Bridge (Wise County, Virginia)
Built unknown
Half-hip Pratt pony truss bridge over old Interstate railbed on pedestrians
Open to pedestrians

Allender Road Bridge (Older) (Baltimore County, Maryland)
Built 1909; Replaced 1945
Lost Greiner through truss bridge over Baltimore & Ohio Railroad on Allender Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Nubia Bridge (Tompkins County, New York)
Built 1877 by Groton Bridge Company over Fall Creek on Elm Street in Nubia, and relocated to Groton's town park in 1981
Bowstring pony truss bridge on a pedestrian path in the town's park

Parks Gap Bridge (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Built 1892
Lane pony truss bridge over Back Creek on CR 6 (Parks Gap)
Open to pedestrians only