Ore Dock

CN - Ore Dock #6 Viaduct (St. Louis County, Minnesota)
Built 1918, Portion over I-35 Reconstructed 1966
Deck plate girder bridge over I-35 and City Streets on Canadian National Railway
Open to traffic

LSI - Presque Isle Ore Dock (Marquette County, Michigan)
Built 1911
Deck plate girder bridge over Lake Shore Blvd. on Railroad
Open to traffic

SOO - Ashland Ore Dock (Ashland County, Wisconsin)
Deck plate girder over Main/2nd Street built 1910; DPG over Front Street/Lake Shore Boulevard built 1917, DPG over Water Street built 1922; Abandoned 1965;Removed 2011-2013
Lost Ore dock + Viaduct over Burlington Northern Railroad, Water Street, St. Claire Street, Front Street/Lake Shore Boulevard, Main Street/2nd Street, & Bay City Creek
Removed but not replaced