Natural Landform

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This category is for natural bridges or natural tunnels deemed notable enough to be listed alongside man-made bridges on the site.

Alum Cove Natural Bridge (Newton County, Arkansas)
Bridge on Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Backbone Rock (Johnson County, Tennessee)
Cut in 1901, taken over by Park Service.
Tunnel under Backbone Rock on TN 133 between Damascus VA and Shady Valley TN, Tennessee
Open to traffic

King Crater Natural Bridge (Far Side, Moon)
Created due to impact melt. Does not appear to be associated with the King Bridge Company.
Natural bridge on lunar surface
Open to lunar rovers

Klamath Tour Thru Tree (Del Norte County, California)
Tunnel on Private Drive
Open to traffic

Natural Bridge (Rockbridge County, Virginia)
Naturally formed bridge, Built c.150,000,000 BCE, that carries Rt. 11 over Cedar Creek
Arch bridge over Cedar Creek on South Lee Highway (US 11)
Open to traffic

Natural Bridge (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
This natural bridge is in a dry branch ravine behind the Church of the Good Shepherd, just up from the Scenic Highway Bridge on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee
60-foot long natural bridge, 15 feet high over unnamed dry branch
Open to pedestrians

Natural Bridge (Winston County, Alabama)
A natural landform that began developing c.200 million years ago.
Arch bridge
Park is open

NS - Natural Tunnel (Scott County, Virginia)
Railroad built through the naturally-formed tunnel in 1893. Tunnel was started around 2 million years ago and completely in under 10000 years.
Naturally created tunnel used by SA&O in 1893 as easy passage through the mountains. Currently owned by NS and used by both NS and CSX Railroad trains.
Open to traffic

Pioneer Cabin Tree Tunnel (Calaveras County, California)
Germinated appx 1,000 years ago; Hollowed out in the 1880s; Toppled January 8, 2017
Lost Tunnel under Branches on North Grove Trail
Destroyed by severe weather

Pomona Natural Bridge (Jackson County, Illinois)
Slab bridge
Open to pedestrians only

Shrine Drive-Thru Tree (Humboldt County, California)
Tunnel on Private Drive
Open to traffic

Three Sisters Natural Rock Bridge (Cattaraugus County, New York)
Olean Conglomerate formation, Private park since 1890
Natural Rock Bridge
Open to Public

Tunnel Log (Tulare County, California)
Germinated ?; Tree fell over the road in 1937; Tunnel cut in 1938.
Tunnel/Tree over Road
Open to traffic

Wawona Tree (Mariposa County, California)
Germinated approximately 2,300 years before it fell, Tunneled through in 1881; Fell in 1969 due to a heavy load of snow on its crown
Destroyed by severe weather