ISHC Standard Series Y

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Standard design plan for riveted pony trusses on concrete floors with joists with spans lengths of 40'-85'

270th Street Bridge (Cedar County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1930; rehabilitated 1960
Pony truss bridge over Crooked Creek on 270th Street
Open to traffic

330th Street Bridge (Cedar County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1930
Pony truss bridge over Middle Branch Wapsinonoc Creek on 330th Street
Open to traffic on a Level B (Enter at your own risk) Road

Copi Avenue Bridge (Johnson County, Iowa)
Built 1935; replaced 2015
Lost Pony truss bridge over Clear Creek on Copi Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

Ironwood Road Bridge (Fayette County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1965
Three-span pony truss bridge over Turkey River on Ironwood Road
Open to traffic

Nutting Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Iowa)
Built 1917
Pony truss bridge over Nutting Creek on Hamlet Road
Open to traffic

Old IA22 Pine Creek Bridge (Muscatine County, Iowa)
Bypassed ca. 1958
Abandoned Warren pony truss with all verticals over Pine Creek on old alignment of IA 22

Plum Creek Truss Bridge (Johnson County, Iowa)
Built 1934
Pony truss bridge over Plum Creek on CR F20 (Amana Road)
Open to traffic

Troublesome Creek Bridge (Audubon County, Iowa)
Built 1925
Pony truss bridge over Troublesome Creek on Quail Avenue
Open to traffic