ISHC Standard Series X

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Standard design plan for riveted pony trusses on concrete floors without joists with span lengths of 35'-100'

Had around 28 variants.

155th Street Bridge (Cedar County, Iowa)
Built 1976
Pony truss bridge over Yankee Run on 155th Street

16th Street Bridge (Story County, Iowa)
Built 1958; Rehabilitated 1974; Replaced 2007; Spans were meant to be reused on a trail but were 12' short; One span scrapped 2015, other remains "in storage" on the Western bank in hopes of reuse
Lost Warren pony truss bridge over South Skunk River on 16th Street in Ames
Replaced, one span lays abandoned in a field on west side of waterway, span on the east side of the waterway removed from field in 2015

180th Street Bridge (Carroll County, Iowa)
Built 1913; Replaced 1997
Lost pony truss bridge over Storm Creek on 180th Street
Replaced by new bridge

320th Street Bridge (Cedar County, Iowa)
Built 1932; rehabilitated 1955
Pony truss bridge over West Branch Wapsinonoc Creek on 320th Street
Open to traffic

Chicken Creek Bridge (Muscatine County, Iowa)
Built 1927 as a single-span pony truss; Flooding underminded abutment 1929; Additional span added 1930
Warren pony truss with all verticals bridge over Chicken Creek on Saulsbury Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Middle River Bridge (Adair County, Iowa)
Built 1968
Pony truss bridge over Middle River on 200th Street
Open to traffic

Millville Road Bridge (Clayton County, Iowa)
Built 1916; Knocked off foundations July 2017; Replaced October-November 2017
Pony truss bridge over Peck Creek on Millville Road
Destroyed by flooding

Nutting Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Iowa)
Built 1917
Pony truss bridge over Nutting Creek on 300th Street
Open to traffic

Troublesome Creek Bridge (Audubon County, Iowa)
Built 1929
Pony truss bridge over Troublesome Creek on 305th Street
Open to traffic

Turkey Creek Bridge (Cass County, Iowa)
Pony truss bridge over Turkey Creek on Keystone Lane (dead end)
Open to traffic