Inverted bowstring truss

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Germantown Covered Bridge 35-57-01 (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Built 1870; relocated 1911
Covered bridge over Little Twin Creek on E. Center St.. in Germantown
Open to pedestrians only

Hell Gate Bridge (Queens County, New York)
Originally the world's longest steel arch bridge until the Bayonne Bridge was opened in 1932
Steel through arch bridge over Hell Gate (East River)
Open to traffic

John Bright No. 1 Iron Bridge (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Originally built ca. 1884 by the Hocking Valley Bridge Works over Poplar Creek on Havenport Road near Carroll.
Wrought-iron through truss bridge relocated to the Ohio University-Lancaster campus in 1999.
Open to pedestrians only

John Bright No. 2 Covered Bridge 35-23-10 (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Originally built 1881 by Augustus Borneman over Poplar Creek on Bish Road near Carroll. Rehabilitated 1913. Relocated 1988.
Covered bridge relocated to the Ohio University-Lancaster campus in Lancaster
Open to pedestrians only

Lasalle Avenue Bridge (1871) (St. Joseph County, Indiana)
Built winter of 1870/71 west span collapsed a little after 7am on Friday Feb. 24, 1871 during work. Subsequently repaired. Lost at a little after 10am on October 17, 1884 when East span was being 'adjusted' by someone associated with P.E. Lane
Lost Inverted bowstring through truss bridge over St. Joseph River on Lasalle Avenue
No longer exists

Main Street Bridge (1871) (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Built 1871; Replaced 1903. Parts reused over Wolf Creek
Lost Inverted Bowstring through truss bridge over Great Miami River on Main Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Summit-Wolf Creek Bridge (Montgomery County, Ohio)
One or two spans of the old *1871 Main Street Bidge Were reused as Crossing(s) of Wolf Creek
Lost Inverted bowstring through truss bridge over Wolf Creek on Summit Street
No longer exists