Havemeyer rebar

Bars are deformed in a manner that does not change the net cross sectional area along the length, thus producing a bar where the entire cross sectional area all along the bar carries the tensile load. These bars weigh less per foot than other bars of equivalent strength.

Patent from 1909: https://patents.google.com/patent/US1151947A/en

Sold by The Concrete Steel Company of New York

Bridgeport Lamp Chimney Co. Bridge (Harrison County, West Virginia)
Built 1924 by Bridgeport Lamp Chimney Co.;
Concrete through arch bridge over Simpson Creek on Pedestrian Walkway
Open to pedestrians

Interurban Road Todd Creek Bridge (Platte County, Missouri)
Built 1912
Concrete arch bridge over Todd Creek on NW Interurban Road in Kansas City
Bypassed by new bridge

Stillhouse Road culvert (Jackson County, Missouri)
Concrete culvert bridge over Tributary of Sni-A-Bar Creek on S Stillhouse Rd
Open to traffic