Faux Covered Bridge

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Bridge of Dreams (Knox County, Ohio)
Built in the 1920s, Covered in 1998
Deck plate girder bridge over Mohican River on Mohican Valley Trail (formerly part of the Pennsylvania Railroad) in Brinkhaven
Open to pedestrians

Clifty Creek Bridge (Madison County, Arkansas)
Steel stringer bridge over Clifty Creek on PR 8252
Open to private traffic

Davy Crockett Park Covered Bridge 42-50-A #2 (Lawrence County, Tennessee)
Bridge over unnamed pond on Davy Crockett State Park Rd
Open to traffic

Durkee Road Bridge (Lorain County, Ohio)
Brick arch culvert with faux covered bridge canopy over drainage on Country Place
Open to traffic

Glen Carbon Covered Bridge (Madison County, Illinois)
Built 1976, replacing an original 1934 covered bridge. Rebuit in 2007.
Modern covered bridge over Judy Branch on Main Street in Glen Carbon. Replaced a 1934 covered bridge that had a lower clearence. Rebuit in 2007 to be higher and wider than the previous one.
Rebuilt in 2007

GR&I - Hersey River Bridge (Osceola County, Michigan)
Faux covered top added 2000
Timber stringer bridge over Hersey River on White Pine Trail (former Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad)
Open to pedestrians only

Hackney Creek Covered Bridge (Sharp County, Arkansas)
Built 2007
Bridge over Hackney Creek on Goodwin Cove
Open to traffic

Hooters Covered Bridge 01-35-C (Houston County, Alabama)
Bridge over Sewage Ditch on Hooters Parking Lot
Open to traffic

J. Manley Robbins Trail - Mahoning Creek Covered Bridge (Montour County, Pennsylvania)
Deck plate girder bridge over Mahoning Creek on J. Manley Robbins Bike Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Kemp City Park Stage Bridge (Kaufman County, Texas)
Heavily modified Warren pony truss bridge over Land on Stage
Open to pedestrians only

Kissing Bridge (Essex County, New York)
Covered 1994
Covered pony plate girder bridge over La Chute River on Pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians only

Linn Creek Trail Bridge (Marshall County, Iowa)
Steel stringer bridge over Linn Creek on City Trail
Open to traffic

Long Grove “Covered” Bridge (Lake County, Illinois)
Built 1906; wooden roof and substructure added 1972 to make it a "covered bridge," rehabilitated 1981 and 2020
1906 pony truss bridge with modern wooden superstructure over Buffalo Creek on Robert Parker Coffin Road in Long Grove
Original pony truss reopened

Maple Highlands-Taylor Wells Covered Bridge (Geauga County, Ohio)
Bridge over Road on Bike Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Meyers Covered Bridge 32-56-D (Ulster County, New York)
Built 1989
Steel stringer bridge over Dry Brook on Dry Brook Road
Open to traffic

Mills Riverside Park Bridge 45-04-B (Chittenden County, Vermont)
Built 1967
Covered Steel Stringer bridge over Browns River
Open to pedestrians only

Old Mill Covered Bridge (Clinton County, Iowa)
Pratt pony truss with a fake covering bridge over Deep Creek on Old Mill Nature Trail
No longer exists

Pepperell Covered Bridge 21-09-01 #3 (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 2010
Concrete stringer bridge with faux wooden truss covering over Nashua River on Groton Road
Open to traffic

Rikard's Mill Bridge (Monroe County, Alabama)
Built 1994 using an older truss
Pratt pony truss with fake covering over Flat Creek in Rikard's Mill Historical Park
Bridge has a built in gift shop

Salt Creek Bridge (Saline County, Arkansas)
Covered steel stringer bridge over Salt Creek on Misty Drive
Open to traffic

Sherwood Forest Shopping Center Bridge (Polk County, Iowa)
Abandoned pony truss bridge over Rocklyn Creek on a parking lot connector road

Sleepy Hollow Covered Bridge 35-48-A (Lucas County, Ohio)
Built 1962
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Ten Mile Creek on Olde Post Road
Open to traffic

Snydertown Private Covered Bridge (Northumberland County, Pennsylvania)
Steel stringer bridge over tributary of Shamokin Creek on private drive
Open to traffic

Sweetser Switch Trail - Pipe Creek Bridge (Grant County, Indiana)
Formerly carried a double tracked railroad line that ran from Chicago(via Logansport) to Columbus, Ohio and points East. Tracks taken up in early to mid 1980's. Extension of trail installed in or about 2004 which included this bridge.
Deck plate girder bridge over Pipe Creek again on Sweetser Switch Trail(nee Conrail, Penn Central, Pennsylvania Railroads and others)
Open to pedestrians

Walter F. Ehrnfelt Covered Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1983
Faux covered timber stringer bridge over East Branch Rocky River on Whitney Road
Open to traffic with a weight limit

Waupaca Covered Bridge 49-69-B (Waupaca County, Wisconsin)
Built in 1976 to make a crossing over the waupaca river to connect covered bridge estates
Timber stringer bridge over Waupaca River on Covered Bridge Rd.
Open to traffic

West Liberty Covered Bridge (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Constructed at a cost of $400,000 in 2011
Through truss bridge over Cowles Creek on West Liberty Street
Open to traffic