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BM - Hopkinton Covered Railroad Bridge 29-07-07 (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1889, Washed off abutments and restored 1936 & 1938; Abandoned 1962; Restored 1990; Major rehab 2003; Fire suppression and fire proofing 2009; Removal of center shelving 2017; Erosion control fixes, minor siding repairs, new staining 2019
Double Lattice through truss bridge over Contoocook River on former Boston & Maine Railroad
Open to pedestrians

BNSF - Rock Island Bridge (Douglas County, Washington)
Originally built for the Great Northern Railway in 1892, the main span was reinforced in 1925
Through truss bridge over Columbia River on single track of BNSF Railway in Rock Island
Open to traffic

BO - Bellaire Bridge (1871) (Belmont County, Ohio)
Built 1869-1871
Lost Linville-Piper Variant Whipple through truss truss bridge over Ohio River on Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

CNW - Wedges Creek Bridge (Clark County, Wisconsin)
Built 1881 as two spans of a bridge at Hudson, Wisconsin; Moved here 1902
Abandoned double Pratt pony truss bridge over Wedges Creek on Abandoned Chicago & Northwestern Railway

E&NA - Saint Croix-Vanceboro Railroad Bridge (1887) (Washington County, Maine)
Built 1887 by Passaic Rolling Mill Co. to replace a timber span built in 1871; damaged by German saboteur in February, 1915; replaced 1972-1973
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Saint Croix River on European & North American Railway
Replaced by new bridge

Fort Hunter Barge Canal Bridge (Montgomery County, New York)
Built 1910; rehabilitated 2003
Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Barge Canal on CR 27 in Tribes Hill
Open to traffic

Hanalei Bridge (Kauai County, Hawaii)
Built 1912 replacing a bridge dating to 1895; Rehabilitated 1934, 1961 (Adding supplemental Warren pony trusses), 1973 and 1980; Replaced 2003 by a replica span
Pratt Through truss bridge over Hanalei River on Kuhio Highway
Replaced by a new bridge

Jackson Covered Bridge 14-61-28 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1861, rehabilitated 1977 and 2007
Covered bridge over Sugar Creek on CRN50W
Open despite being damaged twice by oversized trucks attempting to cross it.

Lucile Bridge (Idaho County, Idaho)
Built 1937; rehabilitated 1975
Through truss bridge over Salmon River on Cow Creek Road
Open to traffic

Mohawk Dam Lock 15 (Montgomery County, New York)
Parker through truss bridge over Mohawk River
Open to river traffic

PRRT - Androscoggin River Bridge (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built by Boston & Maine RR; line taken over by New Hampshire & Vermont RR, bridge abandoned ca. 1996 and converted to snowmobile trail
Pratt deck truss bridge with trestle over Androscoggin River, NH16, & Railroad (SLR)
Open to pedestrians only

Southwind Rail Trail - Elm Creek Bridge (Allen County, Kansas)
Built 1890, Approach Added 1900, Strengthened 1919
Pratt through truss bridge over Elm Creek on Southwind Rail Trail
Open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic only

TIBR - Sabine River Bridge (Beauregard Parish, Louisiana)
Erected 1905 using a double trussed secondhand Whipple Truss span
Swing through truss bridge over Sabine River on Timberrock Railroad Company

UP - Le Sueur Creek Bridge (Le Sueur County, Minnesota)
Built 1881 as four spans of a bridge at Hudson, Wisconsin; Rebuilt and relocated here 1899
Warren pony truss bridge over Le Sueur Creek on Union Pacific Railroad
Open to traffic