Curved top chord

Garber Bridge (Clayton County, Iowa)
Built 1895; Replaced 1983
Lost Camelback through truss bridge over Turkey River on Jupiter Road
Replaced by new bridge

North Bank Bridge (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Modern Pratt pony truss bridge over Millers River Basin on Charles River Esplanade North
Open to pedestrians

Rome Bridge (Henry County, Iowa)
Built 1886; Demolished 1958
Lost Parker through truss bridge over Skunk River on US 34
Replaced by a new bridge

Roosevelt International Bridge (St. Lawrence County, New York)
Built 1897; Swing span destroyed in 1909 flood; roadway added in 1933; last train ran Feb 1957, removed in 1959 for building of St Lawrence Seaway
Lost Through truss bridge over St Lawrence River on New York Central RR and roadway
Replaced by a new bridge