Curved Endposts

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Bachelor Run Bridge (Carroll County, Indiana)
Built 1910
Warren pony truss over Bachelor Run on CR 250 S
Open to traffic

Fishing River 3rd Street Bridge (Clay County, Missouri)
Relocated here 1969
Pony truss bridge over Fishing River on 3rd Street
Intact but closed to all traffic

Old Peasley Road Bridge (Lorain County, Ohio)
Pony truss bridge over Chance Creek on Former Peasley Road
Open to pedestrians only

Prairie Dog Golf Course Lattice Truss Bridge (Norton County, Kansas)
Lattice pony truss bridge over a creek in Prairie Dog Golf Course on a golf cart trail
Open to golf cart traffic

Red Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built 1932; rehabilitated 1982, bypassed and converted to pedestrian use 2011
Bypassed through truss bridge over Blue River on Red Bridge Road
Bypassed with a new bridge and preserved.

Sappa Creek Bridge (Norton County, Kansas)
Built 1922
Pony truss bridge over Sappa Creek, 10.0 mi. north and 11.3 mi. west of Norton
Closed to all traffic