Counterweighted Swing Bridge

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Cherry Avenue Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Built 1901
Bridge over North Branch Canal on Cherry Avenue, former Chicago/Milwaukee/St. Paul Railroad
Open to traffic from trains and pedestrains

CNW - Kinzie Street Bridge (Old) (Cook County, Illinois)
Built 1898; Replaced 1908 and relocated to Milwaukee
Lost Quadrangular lattice through truss bridge over Chicago River on Chicago & North Western Railway
Replaced by a new bridge

CP - Burnham Bridge (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Built 1903
Bobtail swing Warren through truss bridge over Menomonee River Canal on Canadian Pacific Railway
Open to traffic

CP - Menomonee River Swing Bridge (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Built 1904, Approach appears newer
Through truss bridge over Menomonee River on Canadian Pacific Railway in Minwaukee
Open to traffic

Latona Bridge (King County, Washington)
Built 1890; Rebuilt 1909 to allow pedestrian & vehicular traffic; Replaced 1919
Lost Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Union Lake/Lake Washington Canal on Trolley Cars
No longer exists

Omaha Bridge #15 (Ramsey County, Minnesota)
Built 1915
Through truss bridge over Mississippi River on Railroad
Open to traffic