Concrete Asterisk Railing

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HAER also calls this a "molded concrete star pattern".

16th Avenue Bridge (1910) (Linn County, Iowa)
Built 1910; Replaced 1988
Lost Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Cedar River on 16th Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

34th Street Overpass (Old) (Polk County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1916; Replaced 1982
Lost Bridge over St. John's Road on 34th Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Camelback Bridge (Snyder County, Pennsylvania)
Started Ja. 1919, opened Sept. 1919 at cost of $32,895; replaced 1994 and demolished
Lost Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Penns Creek on Mill Road (SR 1014)
Replaced by new bridge

Cape Creek Bridge (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1932
Concrete arch bridge over Cape Creek on US 101
Open to traffic

Horner Street Bridge (Cambria County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1916; replaced 1997
Lost concrete through arch bridge over Stoney Creek River on Horner Street
Replaced by new bridge

Linden Street Bridge (Fayette County, Iowa)
Built 1916; Replaced 1993
Lost Concrete deck girder bridge over Otter Creek on W Linden Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Riverside Drive Bridge (Chippewa County, Michigan)
Steel stringer bridge over Frechette Creek on Riverside Drive
Open to traffic

Spring Brook Bridge (Eaton County, Michigan)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Spring Brook on Footpath
Open to pedestrians only

St. Johns Road Bridge (Polk County, Iowa)
Arch bridge over an unnamed creek on St. Johns Road in Des Moines
Open to traffic