Canton Inverted Truss Lattice Girder

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This category is reserved for bridges constructed by the Canton Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio using their unique hybrid design that blends an inverted Kingpost truss with a lattice girder. Only bridges matching this exact description should be added here.

852nd Road Willow Creek Bridge (Pierce County, Nebraska)
Built 1913; moved to new location in 1994; new bridge built at original location
Lattice truss/girder bridge over Willow Creek on 852nd Road between 542 and 543 Avenues
Relocated, and replaced by a new bridge at original location

Bortz Bridge (Mercer County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1898
Pony/through girder bridge over North Deer Creek on Bortz Bridge, T-874
Replaced by a new bridge

Canton Lattice Girder Bridge (Van Wert County, Ohio)
Built ca.1900 by the Canton Bridge Company
Pony truss bridge over Unknown on Fairground road
No longer at stated location; possibly moved?

Gilman Park Arboretum Bridge (Pierce County, Nebraska)
Built 1913; moved to current location in 1994
Lattice truss/girder bridge over Tributary of North Fork Elkhorn River on Gilman Park Arboretum Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Middle Fork Sugar Creek TR 655 Bridge (Holmes County, Ohio)
Pony truss bridge over Middle Fork Sugar Creek on TR 655
Open to traffic

Milton Road Bridge (Wood County, Ohio)
Removed 2008
Unusual pony truss bridge over Needles Creek on Milton Road
Removed but not replaced

Moores Run Bridge (Allegany County, Maryland)
Replaced 1933
Lost Pony truss bridge over Moores Run on Md 935
Replaced by new bridge

Newell Golf Course Bridge (Butte County, South Dakota)
Built 1910; relocated twice, most recently to here in 2002
Pony truss bridge over Lake inlet on Golf Path
Open to pedestrians and golf carts

Piney Fork Bridge (Jefferson County, Ohio)
Lattice pony truss bridge over Piney Fork on Private Road 1195
Open to authorized vehicles only

Prairie Dog Golf Course Lattice Truss Bridge (Norton County, Kansas)
Lattice pony truss bridge over a creek in Prairie Dog Golf Course on a golf cart trail
Open to golf cart traffic

Sappa Creek Bridge (Norton County, Kansas)
Built 1922
Pony truss bridge over Sappa Creek, 10.0 mi. north and 11.3 mi. west of Norton
Closed to all traffic

Stonelake Bridge (Butte County, South Dakota)
Built 1910 by the Canton Bridge Co.; relocated here c. 1972; relocated to golf club 2002
Lattice Girder pony truss bridge originally over Horse Creek on Stone Lake Road, .1 mi. north and 4 mi. west of Newell
Moved to Newell Golf Course, where it remains in service

Upper Prairie Creek CR 59 (Ward Rd.) Bridge (Van Wert County, Ohio)
Pony truss bridge over Upper Prairie Creek on CR 59 (Ward Rd.)
No longer Exists