Boxed pony truss

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Main Street Bridge (Older) (Lenawee County, Michigan)
Lost covered pony truss bridge over Bean Creek on Main Street (M-34)
Replaced by a new bridge

Mean's Ford Bridge 38-09-P1 (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
HAER says built 1860s; rehabilitated 1993. One of seven of this type in 2005 per HAER See also Meeting House Bridge in Maine
Boxed Howe Pony Truss bridge over Tohickon Creek on Stover Park Road in Ralph Stover State Park
Closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles, foot and pedal traffic

Moose Brook Bridge (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built 1918; lost to arson in May 2004. Remaining structure used for testing Howe trusses at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. On October 28, 2014, parts were returned to Gorham. Acquired by WW&FRy Sept. 2017. Installed 2019
Howe pony truss bridge over Moose Brook on Former Boston & Maine/St. Lawrence & Atlantic
Installed on Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum's main line. In use by their equipment.

PRRT - Snyder Brook Bridge (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built 1918; Rehabilitated 2015
Boxed Howe pony truss bridge over Snyder Brook on Trail
Restored 2015 and open to pedestrian traffic

Rollins Farm Overpass 29-09-P01 (Strafford County, New Hampshire)
Built 1904 rebuilt 1929
Howe pony truss bridge over Boston & Maine Railroad on Old Ham Road
Reported as closed to all traffic except snowmobiles in winter

Russell Hill Road Bridge 29-06-P1 (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Built 1860; Rebuilt 1930; Rehabilitated 1973
Wooden boxed pony truss bridge over Blood Brook on Russell Hill Road in Wilton
Open to Pedestrians