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17th Street Causeway (Temporary) (Broward County, Florida)
Lost Deck girder bridge over Intracoastal Waterway / New River on 17th Street
Built as temporary bridge while original was replaced.

Bridge of Lions (Temporary) (St. Johns County, Florida)
Built in 2006 as temporary bridge while original was rehabilitated; removed in 2010.
Removed Acrow Pony Truss vertical lift bridge over Matanzas River on Anastasia Boulevard at St. Augustine
Removed but not replaced

Charlestown Bridge (Temporary) (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Built 2020
Bailey pony truss bridge over Charles River on North Washington Street (Temporary Alignment)
Open to traffic

City Island Bridge (Temporary) (Bronx County, New York)
Built 2015; Removed 2017
Bailey pony truss bridge over Hutchinson River on City Island Road
Built as temporary bridge while new replacement bridge was built in place of original.

Fore River Bridge (Temporary) (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Built as a temporary bridge in 2006; Disassembled in 2017 but parts remain in storage
Bailey/Acrow pony truss vertical-lift bridge over Weymouth Fore River on MA 3A (Temporary alignment)
In storage or disassembled. Bridge was removed in 2017 but as of 2020 parts remain next to the new bridge

H.A. Boedker & Co. Embankment Dumping Bridge (Temporary) (Wapello County, Iowa)
Built 1902
Pratt through truss bridge over Sugar Creek on H.A. Boedker & Co. E Narrow Gauge Construction Railroad
Don't Know

Lagoon Pond Drawbridge (Temporary) (Dukes County, Massachusetts)
Built 2010; Removed 2015
Lost Bailey pony truss bridge over Lagoon Pond on Beach Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Latona Railroad Bridge (Temporary) (King County, Washington)
Built 1902; removed 1932
Lost Pony/through plate girder bridge over Lake Washington Canal on Seattle Electric Railway
No longer exists

Main Street Bridge (Temporary) (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Built 2006 to replace previous bridge of unknown design destroyed by flood of 2006
Concrete girder bridge over Beaver Brook on Main Street in Pelham
Open to traffic

NWP - South Fork Bridge (Temporary) (Humboldt County, California)
Built 1910
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over South Fork Eel River on Northwestern Pacific Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

Rourke Bridge (Temporary) (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1983 as a temporary bridge but never replaced by permenant structure
Bailey pony truss over Merrimack River on Wood Street
Open to traffic with a weight limit

Southern Boulevard Lift Bridge (Temporary) (Palm Beach County, Florida)
Built 2018
ACROW pony truss bridge over Inracoastal Waterway on Southern Boulevard
Open to traffic

Unionport Temporary Lift Bridge (Bronx County, New York)
Built 2020
ACROW Pony truss bridge over Westchester Creek on Bruckner Boulevard
Open to traffic

US 4 Connecticut River Bridge (Temporary) (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
Bailey/Acrow pony truss bridge over Connecticut River Bridge on US 4
Removed but not replaced