Struck by watercraft

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BNSF - Burlington Bridge (1893) (Des Moines County, Iowa)
Built 1890-1893; Replaced 2011-2012.
Through truss swing bridge over Mississippi River on BNSF Railway in Burlington
Replaced by a new bridge 2011-2012

BO - Calumet River Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Built 1912- 1914, Destroyed 1988 leaving but a counterweight
Lost Baltimore through bridge over Calumet River on B&O Railroad ( 2 tracks)
Destroyed by collision

Cherry Street Bridge (1884) (Lucas County, Ohio)
Built 1884; westernmost through truss span lost in a steamship collision 1908 and replaced by temporary timber trestle; entire bridge replaced 1914
Lost Pratt swing/Whipple through truss swing bridge over Maumee River on Cherry Street and Interurban tracks
Replaced by a new bridge

Chesapeake City Bridge (1927) (Cecil County, Maryland)
Destroyed July 28, 1942 by M/V Franz Klasen; Replaced 1948
Lost Pratt through truss vertical lift bridge over Chesapeake & Delaware Canal on MD 213
Destroyed by collision & replaced

CSX - Big Bayou Canot Bridge (Mobile County, Alabama)
Non-truss spans built in 1993 as a replacement for swing bridge destroyed in barge collision/train derailment
Warren through truss bridge over Big Bayou Canot on single railroad track
Open to traffic

Fassett Street Bridge (Lucas County, Ohio)
Built 1896; Damaged 1906, 1935, 1946, and 1954; partially destroyed 1957 after high winds unmoored a freighter, which slammed into the bridge; rest of bridge razed 1961
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Maumee River on Fassett Street
Partially destroyed by collision and razed

Interstate Bridge (St. Louis County, Minnesota)
Built 1897; Swing span struck and replaced 1906; replaced by Blatnik Bridge 1961, all but northern span removed 1970's
Parker through truss bridge over St. Louis River on Fishing pier (former railroad, US 53)
Open to pedestrians

MERC - Severn River Swing Bridge (Old) (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
Built 1887; Replaced 1913
Lost deck plate girder bridge over Severn River on Maryland Electric Railways Co.
Destroyed by collision

Pleasure Pier Bridge (Older) (Jefferson County, Texas)
Built 1913. Struck out of alignment in 1916 by the Itlaian steamship Splendor and rebuilt; Replaced 1931
Warren through truss bridge over Sabine Neches Canal on Pleasure Pier Highway
Replaced by a new bridge

Portage Lake Swing Bridge (Old) (Houghton County, Michigan)
Built 1891; Struck by the Northern Wave in 1905; Replaced 1906
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Portage Lake on Road
Destroyed by collision

PTC - Illinois River Bridge (Peoria County, Illinois)
Built 1888; Removed ca. 1973
Lost Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Illinois River on Peoria Terminal Co.
Destroyed by collision

Rio Vista Lift Bridge (Solano County, California)
Built 1944; Rehabilitated 1960; Span adjacent to the eastern lift tower lost after being struck by the Italian freighter Ilice on January 15, 1967
Vertical lift bridge over Sacremento River on CA 12 in Rio Vista
Open to traffic

SCL - Savannah River Bridge (Chatham County, Georgia)
Built 1952 after the bascule bridge was hit by a ship in 1951; South tower hit 1966, sending the bridge into the water; Re-opened 1967; Hit again in 1968 & 1969; Final hit April 1971 to the north tower, removed afterwards
Lost Warren through truss lift bridge over Savannah River on Seaboard Coast Line Railroad

SP/PE - West Basin Bascule Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1912; Removed 1955
Lost Warren baltimore through truss bascule bridge over West Basin/Turning Basin on Pacific Electric Railway/Southern Pacific Railroad

West 3rd Street Bridge (1888) (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1888; Destroyed by collision 1913
Lost Through truss bridge over Cuyahoga River on West 3rd Street
Destroyed by collision