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Westwater Wash Bridge (Grand County, Utah)
Built 1952
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Westwater Wash on Old Hwy Harley Dome (original US6)
Open to traffic

Weyerhaeuser Road Bridge (King County, Washington)
Built 1960; rehabilitated 1995
Stringer bridge over Weyerhaeuser Mainline Road on SE Mud Mountain Road
Open to traffic

Wheeler Dam Bridge (Lawrence County, Alabama)
Built 1937; rehabilitated 1962
Polygonal Warren through truss bridge over Tennessee River on AL 101
Open to traffic

Whispering Pines Bridge (Gila County, Arizona)
Span relocated 1939 to cross East Verde River from the 1913 San Carlos Bridge. Replaced 1997
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over East Verde River on Fdr 64
Replaced by new bridge

Whistlestop Bridge (Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska)
Built 2011
Camelback through truss bridge over Placer River on Trail
Open to pedestrians only

White Bridge (Dutchess County, New York)
Concrete arch bridge over Crum Elbow Creek on Vanderbilt Park Road
Open to traffic

White River Bridge (Gila County, Arizona)
Built 1934; rehabilitated 1983
Through truss bridge over White River on BIA Route 9
Open to traffic

White River Bridge (Pierce County, Washington)
Built 1930
Concrete arch bridge over White River on Sunrise Road
Open to traffic

Wildacres Tunnel (McDowell County, North Carolina)
Built ca1930
Tunnel under Mountain on Blue Ridge Parkway
Open to traffic

Wildwood Farm Bridge (Hancock County, Maine)
Built 1939
Stone arch bridge over Abandoned Wildwood Entra on Park Loop Road
Open to traffic

Wilkinson Island Access Road Bridge (Jackson County, Illinois)
Steel stringer bridge over Old Channel Mississippi River on Access road
Open to pedestrians/bicycles/authorized vehicles only

Wilson Dam Bridge (Colbert County, Alabama)
Built 1924; rehabilitated 1958
Girder bridge over Tennessee River on Res Rd
Open to traffic

Wind River Suspension Foot / Pack Bridge (Idaho County, Idaho)
Wire suspension bridge over Salmon River on pedestrian and equestrian trail
Open to pedestrians and equestrian activity

Windy Run Bridge (Arlington County, Virginia)
Built 1959; rehabilitated 1982
Deck plate girder bridge over Windy Run on Gwmp
Open to traffic

Winhall River Campground Bridge (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1922
Warren pony truss bridge over Winhall Rive on Campground Road
Open to traffic

WM - Tunnel No. 2 (Randolph County, West Virginia)
The Glady Tunnel is an abandoned 1,000-foot tunnel built for the Coal & Iron Railway under Shavers Mountain.
Disused tunnel for the Western Maryland Railway and for the West Fork Rail Trail
Open to pedestrians only, but entering the tunnel is discouraged.

Wolf Creek Bridge (Fayette County, West Virginia)
Built 1960; rehabilitated 1975 and 2017
Steel stringer bridge over Wolf Creek on Fayette Station Br
Closed for reconstruction

Wolf Creek Dam Bridge (Russell County, Kentucky)
Built 1951
Girder bridge over Cumb River-Wolfcreek Dam on Us 127-Us00127-0
Open to traffic

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge (1961) (Prince George's County, Maryland)
Built 1961; rehabilitated 1984, Replaced 2008
Lost bascule bridge over Potomac River on the Capital Beltway (I-95/I-495) in Fort Washington
Replaced by the 2008 Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

Wooldridge Ferry Bridge (Bullitt County, Kentucky)
Abandoned Parker/Pratt through truss bridge over Rolling Fork on a closed section of Belmont Road that is located inside Fort Knox Army Base
Derelict/abandoned and located inside Fort Knox

Woolen Mill Bridge (Chittenden County, Vermont)
Built c.1881 for the American Woolen Mill; Abandoned 1954; Converted to pedestrian path 1979
Stone arch bridge over Old mill race on Champlain Mill Path
Open to pedestrians only

Yard G Road Long Creek Bridge (Des Moines County, Iowa)
Built 1910
Pony truss bridge over Long Creek on Yard G Road

Yellow Mountain Road Blue Ridge Parkway Bridge (Roanoke County, Virginia)
Built 1962
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Virginia Secondary Route 668 (Yellow Mountain Road) on Blue Ridge Parkway
Open to traffic

Yellowstone River Bridge (Park County, Wyoming)
Built 1961
Deck girder bridge over Yellowstone River on Northeast Entrance Road
Open to traffic

Yosemite Creek Bridge (Mariposa County, California)
Built 1922
Concrete arch bridge over Yosemite Creek on Valley Loop Road in Yosemite Valley
Open to traffic

Young Pisgah Ridge Tunnel (Buncombe County, North Carolina)
Built ca1930
Tunnel under Mountain on Blue Ridge Parkway
Open to traffic

Zion - Mt Carmel Tunnel (Washington County, Utah)
Tunnel under under land on Zion Park Blvd (Hwy 9)
Open to traffic

Zoo Access Road Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1915
Concrete arch bridge over Rock Creek on Zoo Access Road
Open to traffic

Zoo Tunnel (Washington, District of Columbia)
Rehabilitated 2017
Tunnel on Beach Drive NW
Open to traffic