Open to equestrians

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Ashton-Tetonia Trail - Conant Creek Trestle (Fremont County, Idaho)
Built 1894 at American Falls; dismantled 1911; relocated here 1914
Three-span Pegram deck truss bridge over Conant Creek
Open to pedestrians only as part of Ashton-Tetonia Trail

Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Hoosier Creek Tributary Stone Culvert (Linn County, Iowa)
Built 1890
Stone arch bridge over Hoosier Creek Tributary on Cedar Valley Nature Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Cheese Country Trail - Pecatonica River Bridge (Green County, Wisconsin)
Built 1881, Two Spans Built Ca. 1886 and Relocated Here Ca. 1930
Pratt through truss bridge over Pecatonica River on Cheese Country Trail
Open to pedestrians, equestrians, and ATV users

Harvey Island Road Bridge (Marion County, Iowa)
Built 1878 by the American Bridge Works. for the CRI&P Railroad; Converted for vehicular use in 1938
Four-span wrought-iron through truss bridge over the old channel of the Des Moines River on Harvey Island Road
Open to one-lane traffic on a minimum-maintenance road

Hoover Trail - Morning Sun Stone Arch (Louisa County, Iowa)
Built 1886
Abandoned Stone Arch Bridge over 40th Street and Unamed Branch of Honey Creek on Hoover Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Hoover Trail - Unnamed Branch of Honey Creek Bridge (Louisa County, Iowa)
Moved here after 1980; Trail section opened 1990
Pony truss bridge over Unamed Branch of Honey Creek on the Hoover Trail.
Open to pedestrians only

Juanita Cooke Greenbelt Trail/UP Overpass (Orange County, California)
Built 1917; Abandoned 1938; Converted to trail use ?
Pony plate girder bridge over Union Pacific Railroad on Juanita Cooke Greenbelt Trail (Nee Pacific Electric Railway)
Open to pedestrians only

Kennebec Valley Trail - Kennebec River Bridge (Somerset County, Maine)
Pratt through truss bridge over Kennebec River on Kennebec Valley Trail
Closed to highway traffic, open for trail use

Keystone Bridge Trail - Whistler Bridge #4 (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
Built 1840, Bypassed/Abandoned 1912, Converted to a trail 2000-2001
Stone arch bridge over West Branch Westfield River on Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Luce Line Trail - Watertown Bridge (Carver County, Minnesota)
Built 1929, approaches removed 1970, rebuilt and opened as trail 1978
Deck plate girder bridge over S. Fork Crow River on Luce Line Trail (Former C&NW)
Open to pedestrians only

Mariposa Equestrian Suspension Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1939
Wire suspension bridge over Los Angeles River on Equestrian Pathway
Open to pedestrians only

Minam River Lodge Bridge (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Bridge over Minam river on Horse trail
Open to pedestrians only

No-Hands Bridge (Placer County, California)
Built 1912,
Closed-spandrel Reinforced concrete arch bridge over North Fork American River
Open to pedestrians & horses

NRT - Fries Junction Trestle (Carroll County, Virginia)
Pony/through plate girder bridge over New River on New River Trail State Park
Open to pedestrians only

NRT - Hiwassee Trestle (Pulaski County, Virginia)
Built 1931
Five Span Warren Through Truss With Verticals Carrying New River Trail Across New River. Formerly Norfolk and Western Railway.
Open to pedestrians only

NRT - Ivanhoe Trestle (Wythe County, Virginia)
Bridge over New River on New River Trail State Park
Open to pedestrians only

Puente Largo Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Build 1907; 4 spans destoryed by the Great Flood of 1938; Rebabilitated 1987
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over San Gabriel River on Bicycle & Pedestrian Path in Duarte
Open to Pedestrians & Bicyclists & Equestrians

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail - Rosendale Trestle (Ulster County, New York)
Built 1895; closed to traffic in 1977; Rehabilitated and reopened to pedestrians 2013
Deck truss bridge over Rondout Creek and Main Street on Railroad
Open to pedestrians

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail - Springtown Bridge (Ulster County, New York)
Through truss bridge over Wallkill River on Trail
Open to pedestrians and horses

Warm Springs Suspension Foot / Pack Bridge (Idaho County, Idaho)
Forest Service wire suspension bridge over Lochsa River on pedestrian and equestrian pathway
Open to pedestrian and equestrian activity