Open to ATVs

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Cheese Country Trail - Pecatonica River Bridge (Green County, Wisconsin)
Built 1888, Two Spans Built Ca. 1886 and Relocated Here Ca. 1930
Pratt through truss bridge over Pecatonica River on Cheese Country Trail
Open to pedestrians, equestrians, and ATV users

CNW - Cottonwood River Bridge (Brown County, Minnesota)
Built 1910
Quadrangular lattice through truss bridge over Cottonwood River on Abandoned CNW Railroad

Enola Low Grade Trail - Safe Harbor Bridge (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1904-06, abandoned to rail service Dec. 1988; reopened to trail traffic June 2022
Repurposed former railroad bridge on former PRR low-grade freight line, it crosses over the Conestoga Creek and passes by the Safe Harbor Powerplant
Open to pedestrians only

Luce Line Trail - Watertown Bridge (Carver County, Minnesota)
Built 1929, approaches removed 1970, rebuilt and opened as trail 1978
Deck plate girder bridge over S. Fork Crow River on Luce Line Trail (Former C&NW)
Open to pedestrians only

State Line Trail - Menominee River Bridge (Florence County, Wisconsin)
Built 1911
Deck truss bridge over Menominee River on State Line Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Wild Rivers Trail - Namekagon River Bridge (Washburn County, Wisconsin)
Built 1927
Deck plate girder bridge over Namekagon River & US63 on Wild RIvers Trail (former C&NW Ry)
Open to pedestrians ATV & Snowmobile only