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Colburn Bridge (Rutland County, Vermont)
Built 1889; rehabilitated 1973
Stone arch bridge over Sugar Hollow Brook on US 7 in Pittsford
Open to traffic

Colclesser Bridge (Sheridan County, Nebraska)
Built 1888 originally over Loup River south of Columbus, NE, relocated to present location in 1933.
Baltimore through truss bridge over Niobrara River on County Highway
Open to traffic

Cold Springs Bridge (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1930
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Spring Creek on PA 1027 (Second Street) in Cementon
Replaced by a new bridge

Coldwater Bridge (Branch County, Michigan)
Built 1920 by the Brookville Bridge Co.
Pony truss bridge over Coldwater River on Old US 12 in Coldwater
Removed but not replaced

Coldwater Covered Bridge 01-08-01 (Calhoun County, Alabama)
Built ca 1850 over Coldwater Creek; Relocated in 1990 to city park and placed over an outlet from Oxford Lake
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over inlet to Oxford Lake on Trail in Oxford
Open to pedestrians

Coleman Bridge (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Iron pony truss bridge over Phelps Brook on Windsor Bush Road in Windsor
Abandoned and left in place. Rising water from protected beaver dam downstream puts bridge in danger.

Colemanville Covered Bridge 38-36-55 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1878; "rehabilitated" with a replacement covered bridge 1992
Covered bridge over Pequea Creek on Fox Hollow Road
Open to traffic

College Street Bridge (Warren County, Kentucky)
First bridge built 1839. Bridge burned during Civil War in 1862 by Confederate Soldiers. Second bridge built in 1864. Present bridge replaced second bridge in 1915 but original (first bridge) main span pier remains in use to this day.
Pratt through truss bridge over Barren River on College Street
Open to pedestrians

Collins Ford Bridge (Ripley County, Indiana)
Built in 1907 by John Rogers, rehabilitated in 1986
Stone arch bridge over Big Graham Creek on K Road
Open to traffic with limited access

Colorado Boulevard Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1913; rehabilitated 1993
Concrete arch bridge over Arroyo Seco on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena
Open to traffic

Colorado Street Bridge (Ramsey County, Minnesota)
Built 1888; Closed in 1970
Stone arch bridge on Colorado Street
Open to pedestrians only

Columbia Covered Bridge 45-05-02 / 29-04-07 (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built 1912; rehabilitated 1981
Covered bridge over Connecticut River on Columbia Bridge Road in Columbia
Open to traffic

Columbia Plateau Trail - Cow Creek Trestle (Adams County, Washington)
Built 1908; abandoned 1987
Deck plate girder bridge over Cow Creek on Columbia Plateau Trail

Columbia Plateau Trail - WA-26 Overpass (Adams County, Washington)
Abandoned 1987, converted 1991
Bridge over WA-26 and UP RR on Columbia Plateau Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Colville Covered Bridge 17-09-03 #2 (Bourbon County, Kentucky)
Restored by Louis Bower in 1913. Raised to present height by his son in 1937. Replaced completely in 2000 after flood damage.
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Hinkston Creek on Colville Road in Ruddel's Mills
Open to traffic

Commerce Street Viaduct (Dallas County, Texas)
Built 1930
Viaduct over Trinity River on West Commerce Street
Open to traffic

Comstock Covered Bridge 07-04-01 #2 (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Built 1873, rebuilt 2011
Howe through truss bridge over Salmon River on Bridge Street
Open to pedestrians only

Comstock Covered Bridge 45-06-04 (Franklin County, Vermont)
Built 1883; rehabilitated 2003
Covered Town Lattice through truss bridge over Trout River on Comstock Bridge Rd (C3042) in Montgomery
Open to traffic

Concord Covered Bridge 10-33-02 (Cobb County, Georgia)
Built 1872
Covered bridge over Nickajack Creek on Concord Road in Smyrna
Open to traffic

Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge (Coos County, Oregon)
Built 1936, Rehabilitation 2008 - 2018
Steel cantilevered through truss bridge over Coos Bay on US 101 in North Bend
Open to traffic

Confederate Avenue Steel Bridge (Warren County, Mississippi)
Built 1903 by the Penn Bridge Co.
Lost arch-truss bridge within Vicksburg National Military Park on Confederate Avenue over Jackson Road and South Fork Glass Bayou in Vicksburg
Removed after 1997, but brick abutments remain

Congress Street over Merritt Parkway Bridge (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1938
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Merritt Parkway (CT 15) on Congress Street
Open to traffic

Conley's Ford Covered Bridge (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1907
Covered bridge over Big Raccoon Creek on CR550E east of Bridgeton
Open to traffic

Connecticut Avenue Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1932; rehabilitated 1979
Steel arch bridge over Klingle Valley on Connecticut Avenue
Open to traffic

Conroe Bridge (Geary County, Kansas)
Built 1925
Rainbow arch bridge over Clarks Creek on Ascher Road
Open to traffic

Continental Avenue Bridge (Dallas County, Texas)
Built 1930, Closed to vehicular traffic in 2014 and converted to linear bridge park (West Dallas Gateway)
Viaduct over Trinity River on Continental Avenue
Converted to linear bridge park (West Dallas Gateway) in 2014

Conway Bridge (Cocke County, Tennessee)
Built in 1924-1925 to replace the old Conway Ferry, which was being eliminated because the Tennessee Eastern Electric Company built the Nolichuky Dam upriver that changed the level of the stream.
Four-span Steel & Lebby closed spandrel arch bridge over Nolichucky River on Briar Thicket Road/Knob Creek Road
Open to traffic

Cooch's Bridge (New Castle County, Delaware)
Built 1922
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Christina Creek on Old Baltimore Pike
Open to traffic

Cooley Covered Bridge 45-11-07 (Rutland County, Vermont)
Built in 1849 by Nichols Powers; rehabilitated 2004
Covered Town lattice through truss bridge over Furnace Brook on C3013 in Pittsford
Open to one lane traffic

Coolidge Dam (Gila County, Arizona)
Built 1928
Bridge over Coolidge Dam on Coolidge Dam Road
Open to pedestrians only

Coombs Covered Bridge 29-03-03 (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Built 1837; rehabilitated 1997
Covered bridge over Ashuelot River on Coombs Bridge Road in Winchester
Open to traffic

Coon Creek Bridge (Benton County, Arkansas)
Built ca. 1930; rehabilitated 1976
Pony truss bridge over Coon Creek on CR 24
Open to traffic

Coop Creek Bridge (Sebastian County, Arkansas)
Built 1940 by WPA
Concrete slab bridge with stone piers over Coop Creek on Broadway Street (CR 236) in Mansfield
Open to traffic

Copeland Covered Bridge 32-46-01 (Saratoga County, New York)
Built 1879
Queenpost through truss bridge over Beecher Creek on North Shore Road
Open to pedestrians

Copes Bridge (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1807; rehabilitated 1927
Stone arch bridge over East Branch Brandywine Creek on Strasburg Road
Open to traffic

Corbett's Mill Bridge (Jones County, Iowa)
Built 1871; Bypassed by a new road in 1958 and passed into private ownership.
Bowstring through truss bridge over Maquoketa River on Abandoned Road in Scotch Grove
Destroyed by flooding Saturday July 24, 2010

Corbin Bridge (Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1937; rehabilitated 1996
Suspension bridge over Raystown Branch Juniata River on TR 428
Open to traffic

Corbin Covered Bridge 29-10-05 (Sullivan County, New Hampshire)
Built 1845; Destroyed by arson 1993; rebuilt 1994
Covered bridge over Croydon Branch Sugar River on Corbin Bridge Road in Newport
Open to traffic

Corbin Place Bridge (New York County, New York)
Built 1900
Stone arch bridge over Corbin Place in New York
Open to traffic

Cordell Hull Bridge (Smith County, Tennessee)
Built 1934-36; rehabilitated 1992 and 2014
Through truss bridge over Cumberland River on NFA A392 in Carthage
Open to traffic

Cordova Avenue Bridge (Gila County, Arizona)
Built 1920
Concrete arch bridge over Bloody Tanks Wash on Cordova Avenue in Miami
Open to traffic

Corliss Street Tunnel (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1912; Designated as historic landmark 2002
Tunnel under Norfolk Southern Railroad on Corliss Street
Open to traffic

Cornelia Lake Bridge (Wright County, Iowa)
Built 1877, replaced 1986, Moved to present location
Pony truss bridge over inlet of Cornelia Lake on a pedestrian trail
Open to pedestrians

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge 45-14-14 / 29-10-09 (Sullivan County, New Hampshire)
Built 1866; Tolls removed 1943; Rehabilitated 1989
Covered Town Lattice through truss bridge over Connecticut River between Cornish, NH, and Windsor, VT
Open to one-lane traffic

Cornwall Bridge (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1930; rehabilitated 1994
Six-span open-spandrel arch bridge over Housatonic River & Housatonic Railroad on US 7 & CT 4 in Cornwall
Open to traffic

Costilla Crossing Bridge (Conejos County, Colorado)
Built 1892 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 2006
Two-span Thacher through truss bridge over the Rio Grande on CR G east of Antonito
Open to one-lane traffic

Cotter Bridge (Baxter County, Arkansas)
Built 1930 by the Marsh Engineering Co. and Bateman Contracting Co.; rehabilitated 2003-04
Six-span rainbow arch bridge over White River on US 62B at Cotter
Open to two-lane traffic

Cottonwood Creek Bridge (Fallon County, Montana)
Built 1934
Timber stringer bridge over Cottonwood Creek on S 320
Open to traffic

Cottonwood Falls Luten Bridge (Chase County, Kansas)
Built 1914 by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co. Made obsolete by new bridge in 1975. Rehabilitated for pedestrian use in 2007.
Three-span concrete arch bridge over Cottonwood River in Cottonwood Falls
Open to pedestrians only

Cottonwood River Pratt Truss Bridge (Chase County, Kansas)
Built 1916 by the Missouri Valley Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Cottonwood River on Main Street at Cedar Point
Open to traffic

County Farm Bridge (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Built 1885 by the Ward Brothers
Stone arch bridge over Whiting Brook on Old County Farm Road
Open to traffic

County Line Bowstring Bridge (Cloud County, Kansas)
Built in 1876 as part of a four span bridge in the Concordia vicinity.
Bowstring truss bridge over West Creek on Republic Road, northwest of Hollis
Open to pedestrians. New bridge built in 2019 is open to traffic.

County Line Bridge (Hancock County, Indiana)
Built 1916 by Burk Construction Co.
Parker through truss bridge over Big Blue River on CR 900 East
Open to traffic

County Line Bridge (Louisa County, Iowa)
Built 1893 by the Gillette-Herzog Manufacturing Co.
Pony truss bridge over Long Creek on County Line Road
Closed to all traffic

County Line Road Bridge at Denton Creek (Denton County, Texas)
Warren pony truss bridge over Denton Creek on N County Line Road
Replaced by a new bridge - Old bridge relocated to North Lakes Park, Denton, in 2001

County Road 51 Bridge (Rock County, Minnesota)
Bypassed 1996
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Tributary of Split Rock Creek on CR 51
Open to pedestrians only

Court Avenue Bridge (Polk County, Iowa)
Built 1917; rehabilitated 1982
Five-span arch bridge over Des Moines River on Court Avenue in Des Moines
Open to traffic

Court Street Bridge (Monroe County, New York)
Built 1893; rehabilitated 1973
Stone arch bridge over Genesee River on Court Street in Rochester
Open to traffic

Cove Creek AR 124 Bridge (Conway County, Arkansas)
Built 1957-58 by Forsgren Brothers of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Replaced 2011
Through truss bridge over Cove Creek on AR 124
Replaced by a new bridge

Cove Creek Bridge (Logan County, Arkansas)
Built 1936 by the Works Progress Administration
Two-span stone arch bridge over Cove Creek on AR 309
Open to two-way traffic

Cove Creek Tributary Bridge (Logan County, Arkansas)
Built 1936 by the Works Progress Administration
Small two-span stone arch bridge over a branch of Cove Creek on AR 309
Open to two-way traffic

Cove Lake Spillway Bridge (Logan County, Arkansas)
Built 1936 by the Works Progress Administration
Five-span stone arch bridge over Cove Lake Spillway on AR 309
Open to traffic

Cow Bayou Bridge (Orange County, Texas)
Built 1941
Swing bridge over Cow Bayou on Eastbound TX 73 in Bridge City
Open to traffic

Cowley Bridge (Lincoln County, Tennessee)
Built by the King Iron Bridge Co. in 1878 for $8,000, the only Bowstring truss bridge in the state of Tennessee. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.
Bowstring through truss bridge over Elk River on West Stevens Creek Road
Open to pedestrian traffic only

Cox Farm Covered Bridge 38-30-25 (Greene County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1940
Covered bridge over Ruff Creek on TR 568 (Kennel Road)
Original 1940 bridge closed to traffic for renovation in 2013; "renovation" involved complete replacement in kind with steel stringers

Cox Ford Covered Bridge 14-61-34 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1913, rehabilitated 1977
Covered bridge over Sugar Creek on Cox Ford Road north of Rockville
Open to traffic

Coyote Creek Covered Bridge 37-20-02 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1922
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Coyote Creek on Battle Creek Road
Open to traffic

CP - Ausable River Bridges (Clinton County, New York)
Built 1913
Warren through truss bridge over Ausable River on Canadian Pacific Railway
Open to traffic

CP - Tunkhannock Viaduct (Wyoming County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1912-15 for the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Massive ten-span concrete arch bridge over Tunkhannock Creek on Canadian Pacific Railroad at Nicholson
Open to traffic

CR1127 Nolan River Bridge (Hill County, Texas)
Built 1899-1903; Converted to road 1952 after the railroad relocated its ROW due to the construction of the Whitney Dam
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Nolan River on CR 1127 (Nee Santa Fe Railroad)
Open to traffic

Crab Run Lane Truss Bridge (Highland County, Virginia)
Built 1896 by the West Virginia Bridge Works; Closed to vehicular traffic in 1994
Pony truss bridge over Crab Run on Route 645
Open to pedestrians

Crawford Covered Bridge 38-63-10 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1887
Covered bridge over Robinson Fork on Crawford Road
Open to traffic

Crawfordsville Covered Bridge 37-22-15 (Linn County, Oregon)
Built 1932, Decommissioned 1963,
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Calapooia River on Abandoned OR-228
Open to pedestrians

Creamery Bridge (Miami County, Kansas)
Built 1930, Rehabilitated 2013
Three-span Marsh arch bridge over Marais Des Cygnes River on 8th Street at Osawatomie
Open to traffic

Creamery Covered Bridge 45-13-01 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1879; Rehabilitated 2007; Bypassed 2010
Covered bridge over Whetstone Brook on Guilford Street in Brattleboro
Open to pedestrians only

Creasyville Bridge DUPLICATE (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built in 1881 by T.S. Christian for a cost of $301.25
Queenpost through truss bridge over Little Fishing Creek on Twp. Rte. 683 off 4031
Open to traffic

Creasyville Covered Bridge 38-19-36 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1881; rehabilitated 1996
Covered bridge over Little Fishing Creek on TR 683, northeast of Sereno
Open to traffic

Cromer's Mill Covered Bridge 10-59-01 (Franklin County, Georgia)
Built 1907
Town lattice through truss bridge over Nails Creek on Pearwood Road (Old alignment of Cromer's Bridge Road)
Open to pedestrians

Crooked Creek SR 7 Bridge (Jefferson County, Indiana)
Built 1928; replaced 1997
Lost stone arch bridge over Crooked Creek on IN 7
Replaced by new bridge

Crooks Covered Bridge 14-61-17 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1856, rebuilt 1867
Covered bridge over Little Raccoon Creek on CR225E
Open to traffic

Crossman Bridge (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Built 1888 by Berlin Iron Bridge Co.
Lenticular pony truss bridge over Quaboag River on Gilbert Road in Warren
Open to traffic

Croton Aqueduct Bridge (Westchester County, New York)
Stone arch bridge over Broadway, Kill Brook on Croton Aqueduct
Open to traffic

Crowder State Park Vehicle Bridge (Grundy County, Missouri)
Built ca. 1939 by the Civilian Conservation Corps
Closed-spandrel arch bridge on MO 128 in Crowder State Park
Open to traffic

Crowley's Ridge State Park Bridge (Greene County, Arkansas)
Built 1935 by the CCC
Stone arch bridge over a drainage ditch on Crowleys Ridge Road
Open to traffic

Crown Point Viaduct (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Built 1914
Bridge over Crown Point on Historical Columbia River Highway
Open to traffic

Crum Road Bridge (Frederick County, Maryland)
Built 1880; dissassembled in 1994
Bowstring pony truss bridge originally over Israel Creek on Crum Road
Replaced by new bridge, Relocated to Heritage Park in Walkersville

Crystal Springs Street Bridge (Cass County, Michigan)
Built 1923 on Telegraph Road over River Rouge; moved to M-86 over Prairie River 1938; moved to Crystal Springs Street over Dowagiac River 2018
Camelback pony truss bridge over Dowagiac River on Crystal Springs Street
Open to traffic

CSRR - Long Bridge (Washington County, Maryland)
HAER says initial construction 1896; however NR says 1867; CSX abandoned the railroad line in the late 1970s or 1980s
Bridge over Antietam Creek on Formerly B&O/CSX
Removed completely, piers visible on google & bing maps

CSX - Barren River Bridge (Warren County, Kentucky)
The first bridge erected on this site in 1839. Was burned by soldiers Feb 14, 1862. Rebuilt in 1864, and again burned Feb 12, 1915.
Through truss bridge over Barren River on the CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - Bloomington Viaduct (Garrett County, Maryland)
Built 1851 the original Stone bridge was encased in the current concrete arch in 1916.
Stone arch bridge over North Branch Potomac River on CSX Railroad (Formerly B&O Railroad)
Open to traffic

CSX - Carrollton Viaduct (Baltimore, Maryland)
Built in 1829 for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, this is the oldest railroad bridge in the world still in use.
Stone arch bridge over Gwynn's Falls
Open to traffic

CSX - Cumberland Mountain Tunnel (Franklin County, Tennessee)
Built 1852 by Stevenson,V.K
Tunnel under Cumberland Mountains on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - East Branch Black River Viaduct (Medina County, Ohio)
Built 1892;
Stone arch bridge over East Branch Black River on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - Hiwassee River Bridge (Reliance) (Polk County, Tennessee)
Built in 1890 on the old "Hook & Eye" route from Etowah to Copperhill, TN
Deck plate girder bridge over Hiwassee River on private railroad (former CSX Railroad Spur)
Open to traffic

CSX - Thomas Viaduct (Howard County, Maryland)
Built 1835
Eight-span stone arch bridge over Patapsco River on the B&O Railroad between Relay and Elkridge
Open to traffic

CSX - Twin Bridge (Hendricks County, Indiana)
Built 1906 for the Big Four Railroad
Concrete arch bridge over West Fork White Lick Creek and Shady Lane on CSX Transportation southeast of Danville
Open to traffic

Culbertson Run Bridge (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1903
Stone arch bridge over Culbertson Run on Little Washington Lyndell Road
Open to traffic

Cummins Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Texas)
Built ca. 1920; bypassed in 1996 and abandoned
Abandoned through truss bridge over Cummins Creek on CR 182
Bypassed by a new bridge in 1996 and abandoned

Cunningham Bridge (Madison County, Iowa)
Built 1886; Moved to a trail in 2008
Pony truss bridge over North River on Upland Trl
Open to pedestrians only

Cunningham Lane Bridge (Richland County, Wisconsin)
Built 1895; Replaced 1988
Lost Pratt pony truss bridge over Pine River on Cunningham Lane in Town of Rockbridge
Replaced by new bridge