Charles Road-Martindale Creek Bridge (Wayne County, Indiana)
Built 1904 by the New Castle Bridge Co. of Indianapolis,IN
Pratt through truss bridge originally over Martindale Creek on Charles Road.
Relocated to Koteewi Park in Hamilton County and rehabilitated for reuse.

Fort Street Bridge (Chippewa County, Michigan)
Built in 1900 by New Castle Bridge Company, currently dismantled for reuse.
Dismantled through truss bridge in Sault Ste. Marie
Dismantled and stored for reuse

Portland Water Works Bridge (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Built 1893, dismantled and stored for reuse in 2010, moved to storage in Sherwood, under option for re-use by DNREC.
Pennsylvania-petit through truss bridge over Sandy River carrying City of Portland Bull Run Water Conduits #2 and #4 will be preserved in another location to be announced soon.
Dismantled after the completion of an under river pipeline and moved to Sherwood.

South Shore - Gauntlet Bridge (Lake County, Indiana)
Built 1907 by American Bridge Co for ZChicago South Shore & South Bend; dismantled and replaced November 2002
Pratt through truss bridge over Pennsylvania Railroad/Wabash Railroad on Chicago. South Shore. & South Bend Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge, reportedly in storage in Michigan City