Weyerhaeuser Wood Railroad

Reporting mark: WTCX
CLC - Evergreen Road Overpass (Cowlitz County, Washington)
Timber stringer bridge over Evergreen Road on Columbia & Cowlitz Railway
Open to traffic

CLC - Weyerhaeuser Woods Bridge (Cowlitz County, Washington)
Built 1926
Parker through truss bridge over Cowlitz River on Columbia and Cowlitz Railway in Kelso
Open to traffic

Hayden Bridge (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1882 in Corrine, Utah; Moved here 1901; Abandoned 1987, Reopened 2019
Whipple truss bridge over McKenzie River on Abandoned Weyerhauser Logging Railway in Springfield
Bridge was planked and opened in April of 2019.

Weyerhaeuser Woods - Rocky Point Trestle (Cowlitz County, Washington)
Built 1925
Bridge on Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad (former)
Intact but closed to all traffic