Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway

Reporting mark: OA&E
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Clarksburg Branch Line Trail Bridge (Yolo County, California)
Built ?; Closed 2003; Officially rail-trail 2014
Timber stringer bridge over South River Road on former Yolo Shortline Railroad
Open to pedestrians only

M Street Bridge (1911) (Sacramento County, California)
Built 1911, Replaced 1934
Lost through truss swing bridge over Sacramento River on M Street
Replaced by a new bridge

SN - Montezuma River Bridge (Solano County, California)
Built 1912
Lost Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Montezuma River on Sacramento Northern Railway
No longer exists

SN - Redwood Peak Tunnel (Alameda County, California)
Built 1911, closed & sealed 1957; Caved-in 1982
Abandoned tunnel through Shepherd/Redwood Canyon on Sacramento Northern Railway

SN - Suisin Bay Bridge (Contra Costa County, California)
Consruction began 1912, construction halted May 1913 because of a lack of funds
Bridge over Suisin Bay on Sacramento Northern Railway
Never built

SN - Suisun Bay Ferry "Ramon" (Contra Costa County, California)
Built 1915; Operations ceased 1954
Lost Ferry across Suisun Bay on Sacramento Northern
No Longer In Operation

SN - Thornhill Drive Overpass (Alameda County, California)
Built ?; Deck plate girder added ca 1930; Removed in 1957
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Thornhill Drive on Sacramento Northern Railway