Nashville & Chattanooga Railway

Reporting mark: NC
Bridgeport Railroad Bridge (Jackson County, Alabama)
Built ca 1851; Arson planned, but never attemped due to being well-guarded November 8th, 1861; Partially blown up by Confederate General Danville Leadbetter; Remaining spans burned by Union General Ormsby M. Mitchell
Lost Howe deck truss bridge over Tennessee River on Nashville & Chattanooga Railway

LN - Whiteside Tunnel (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Was built in 1858 by the Nashville & Chattanooga Railway. It was bypassed by a double track cut to the south of it in 1911.
Abandoned tunnel near Whiteside, TN on Raccoon Mountain on former alignment of the Nashville & Chattanooga Railway, later NC&StL, L&N, and CSX