Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad

Reporting mark: KO
In April 2000, OmniTRAX, a non-carrier holding company, merged Central Kansas Railway and Kansas Southwestern Railway, with Central Kansas Railway as surviving short line. In June 2001, Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad (WATCO company) acquired and operated approximately 678 miles of rail lines from the Central Kansas Railway (CKRY).

The Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (KO) began operations in July 2001. With 904 miles of track reaching out in three directions from Wichita, Kansas, to the Colorado border, the KO carries more than 50,000 carloads annually. One of the largest single short lines in the industry, the KO carries diverse agricultural commodities such as grain and grain products, and industrial products such as chemicals and paper.

Part of the UP system https://www.watcocompanies.com/services/rail/kansas-and-okla...

ATSF - Santa Fe Turkey Creek Bridge (Pratt County, Kansas)
Timber stringer bridge over Turkey Creek on ATSF RR (Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad)
Closed, rails removed

ATSF - Springdale bridge (Pratt County, Kansas)
Abandoned timber stringer bridge over Tributary of Turkey Creek and road on Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad (originally AT&SF)
Derelict/abandoned, Rails removed

CK - South Fork Solomon River Bridge (Osborne County, Kansas)
Built 1916 using a secondhand truss
Abandoned through truss bridge over South Fork Solomon River on Central Kansas Railroad (abandoned)
Closed to traffic

KO - Carey Park Boulevard Overpass (Reno County, Kansas)
Built 1954
Bridge over Carey Park Blvd on Railroad Tracks
Open to traffic

North Elm Creek Trestle (Pratt County, Kansas)
Open deck pile trestle over North Elm Creek
Open to traffic