Chicago & Great Eastern Railway

Reporting mark: C&GE
Penn Central Big Duck Creek Bridge (Madison County, Indiana)
Once part of a heavy duty branch line from Anoka(Logansport) to Cincinatti featuring many passenger trains. Not included in Conrail after PC Bankruptcy, line was abandoned on April 1, 1976.
Abandoned deck plate girder bridge over Big Duck Creek on Formerly Penn Central Railroad(nee Pennsylvania Railroad, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis, Chicago Great Eastern, New Castle and Richmond, others)

PRR - Kankakee River Bridge (Starke County, Indiana)
Part of the PRR's Chicago to Logansport main line, and formerly double tracked. Line abandoned about 1980 and tracks pulled shortley thereafter. C&O Railroad bridge immediately to it's East.
Abandoned deck plate girder bridge over Kankakee River on former Conrail (ex- Panhandle, Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central) in English Lake

PRR - Mud Creek Bridge (Tipton County, Indiana)
Once part of the PRR's route from Cincinnati to Chicago(via Anoka and Logansport), this route hosted passenger trains until 1971 before Amtrak was formed. Left out of Conrail, it was abandoned starting in 1976. Unknown when bridge was removed.
Lost Deck girder bridge over Mud Creek on Former Penn Central Railroad(nee Pennsylvania, Panhandle, Chicago and Great Eastern, New Castle and Richmond Railroads) in Nevada

PRR - Turkey Creek Bridge (Tipton County, Indiana)
This particular structure built to carry trains on the Richmond Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad from Cincinnatti to Chicago(Via Anoka and Logansport). Many passenger trains traversed this bridge. Line abandoned by Penn Central in early 1970's.
Abandoned bridge over Turkey Creek on former Pennsylvania Railroad, Chicago Great Eastern, New Castle and Richmond

TP&W - Cottonwood Creek Bridge (Cass County, Indiana)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Cottonwood Creek on Toledo Peoria and Western Railroad(nee Chicago and Logansport, Chicago Great Eastern, PCCST&L aka Panhandle, Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central, Conrail, Winamac Southern Railway)
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