Burlington & Lamoille Railroad

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The Burlington & Lamoille Railroad was a contemporary project with the Portland & Ogdensburg railroad, an ambitious project to build a railroad corridor from Portland Maine to the great lakes. The B&L was intended to give access to this line at Cambridge Junction to Burlington VT (and the railroads that ran there). The line was completed in 1877 and almost immediately became a leased subsidiary of the Central Vermont Railroad.

The line never saw the anticipated bridge traffic, and the sparsely populated region it traversed didn't provide much traffic either. The line ended up being another victim of the Great Depression, although holding out longer then most and lasting until 1938. The last mile of trackage, from Cambridge Junction into Jeffersonville was transferred to the St.J&LC railroad at this time, who operated it as a spur.

Lamoille Valley Rail-Trail - Jeffersonville Bridge (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Built for the Burlington & Lamoille Railroad
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Brewster River on Lamoille Valley Rail Trail
Open to pedestrians only